New Directions

As much as I love writing about trance and deep, I wanted to expand the blog’s horizon to include electronic. I used to hate the term “electronic” because it is so vague, but I have come to appreciate its usefulness is as a catch-all term. There are so many songs that fall somewhere between pop/alternative and dance/house. In between those two bookends there is an incredible variety. I decided to hand pick some of these tracks that I think fall sufficiently close to another EDM genre rather than pop. In summary, these are EDM tracks that embrace current trends in pop culture, but you won’t hear them on the radio.

Let me know if you would like more of these posts. Conversely, let me know if you think this blog should not feature these types of posts. Until then, I will continue to mix some electronic in. Below are some of my favorites that I have set to repeat. Enjoy!




We need to catch up on some deep together. I haven’t written an extensive deep post in a few months, so this mega-post should make up for it.

Kidnap Kid- Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate

This track isn’t relaxing like most other deep. It is peculiar and leaves me with a sense of anxiety and restlessness. There is constant musical tension and the song leaves you feeling like it never completely argued its point. Further, it urgently implores you to “Live now… Live now…” So what are you waiting for? Shut your computer and go live now.

Modd- Guron EP

This is a new artist to Anjunabeats that I am really enjoying. His music is ambient but with a strong base acting as a glue. It is like a gentler version of Yotto. Below is the recent EP. I love all of these tracks.

Anjunadeep in Ibiza: Part 1 and Part 2

This is over two hours of relaxing deep. These make for great ambient study music and I love using them as a soundtrack to my weekend activities around the house or in the evening.

Retro 80s Vibe

EDM is a great way to discover new music and hidden gems. If you like a remix always make sure to check out the original track because you may just stumble upon your new favorite artist. That recently happened to me after I listened to Josep & Kane’s remix of “Running in the Night” by FM-84. I fell in love with the retro 80s sound, so I thought I would check out the original. The original track is just as good and its video is everything I had hoped it would be. The track originally took my mind to a city at twilight, and I was pleased to see that imagery realized in the video. To make things even better it features a sun-soaked evening in Los Angeles.



Alpha 9=Arty

Alpha 9 is an alias of Arty and is his outlet for great progressive and trance as of late. His most recent 3 singles have been euphoric. The most recent, “Skin”, features amazing electronic bells around 0:45. The fusion of this complex pattern and some solid base with abstract vocals around 2:30 is amazing.

If you enjoyed the above, here are two more tracks from Alpha 9 aka Arty that are in the same musical vein.

Kidnap Kid

Time for some deep. I have been a fan of Kidnap Kid since I listened to “Aba” (featured below. This new single is extraordinarily sublime. The prominent strings in the foreground overlying the electronic background is fantastic. The narrative vocals are a nice touch as well. The song already had me in a pensive mood and the narration of “live now… live now” further amplifies the mood.


Above & Beyond’s newest single “Tightrope” is a very interesting track. At 1:00 I am not sure what emotions the music elicits, but I think that is the point. Like its namesake, the song purposefully walks a musical tightrope between uplifting and slightly bittersweet. Based on the album art which features a multicolored scheme in the form of a tightrope I imagine this is the first of an upcoming album. Previous singles have all featured multicolored art workwhich eventually corresponded to the full album artwork. I am definitely looking forward to this full album.