Paint it Black

The infamous song “Paint it Black” has long been a favorite of mine. Its dark twangy chords have always beckoned to me. I recently stumbled upon an electronic cover which captures and translates the original’s dark strangeness to EDM quite well. 1:43 is where the full force of this electronic revision kicks in.



Techno Deep Dive

Lacking the frenetic energy of techno but less ambient and cinematic than deep house is difficult to define realm of techno an electronica. Check out these tracks for an acoustic sampling of this sub-genre.



Trance Reborn

David Gravell and Andrew Rayel have a new track called “Trance Reborn.” This track is so appropriately named because it takes the classic trance formula and reinvigorates with a bit of modern swag. In this post, I will start with some pure trance and progress to more progressive tunes that feature more vocals. Enjoy the journey. I think it will be informative and you’ll have a good understanding of the difference between old school trance versus progressive at the end.

First up are a few tunes from David Gravell including “Trance Reborn.” 1:10 is where the good stuff starts.

Here are a few lighter and more vocal trance tracks and some progressive.





Remembering Avicii

Avicii’s recent passing has shocked the EDM world. I want to avoid euphemisms in this post because I don’t think it benefits anyone in this conversation. Avicii tragically committed suicide at a very young age. I want to celebrate Avicii’s music with this post, but I also want to take a moment to talk about depression and suicide. Depression is still stigmatized, but as a physician, I can tell you that it is a disease like any other. While life stressors certainly contribute, the basis is an imbalance of neurotransmitters that can be treated. Spread the word that depression is a treatable disease and one that we should not be too proud or embarrassed to admit to. If you or anybody you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide please reach out to friends, family, or even strangers (including me).

With that said, here are my five favorite Avicii tracks. He was one of the pioneers of EDM that caused the genre to break into the mainstream and these tracks all have a special place in my life.

Seek Bromance

Fade into Darkness







I think this is my favorite track from Ilan Bluestones most recent album entitled Scars. That classic Bluestone bass is balanced by the cinematic bridges of Sunny Lax resulting in auditory bliss.

Ulysses Pact

I recently switched from Apple Music to Spotify. I felt that the curated playlists and suggestions on Apple Music became a bit of an echo chamber. Spotify is a lot better and I have began reaping the rewards instantly. These are two tracks that are a little outside of what I usually listen to, but I am glad Spotify recommended them because they are fantastic workout tracks.

Beastmode. For when you need to go beastmode during your workout. This track presses all the right buttons to push you into overdrive. The bass is incredible and the vocal chops are the icing on the cake starting at 1:12. In this first segment the base is rapid, hitting once per beat, and distinct. Later, at 2:48, the bass is spread out so that it does not hit on every beat but in the middle, the overall bass is maintained at a higher volume for a full effect that I love.

Next up is a new Seven Lions release with Jason Ross entitled “Sirens”. This is a deliciously chunky track. It sounds like a laser is precisely cutting through thick steel and resonating through the ground. Tie me to the mast like in the Ulysses Pact because this track is sucking me in.

Chill Out Sesh

This post features a few of my current favorite chill out songs. They range from experimental electronic in “Shadowlands” to a pop-flavored crowd-pleaser in “Starlight”.

“Void” is a great deep electronic track. It is soothingly sparse with the right about of vocals dominating that sparse landscape.

“Sunday Maybe” is a reimagining of “Tuesday Maybe” which is one of my favorite deep tracks of all time. I think it has a brighter vibe just like a relaxing Sunday at the end of a good weekend compared to a workweek Tuesday in the doldrums of winter.

“Shadowlands” is a purely electronic track by one of my favorite vocal artists. Oh Land is a Danish musician who has shown extraordinary versatility. She has made albums that are pop masterpieces but she is expanding into a more darker toned electronic universe with this new album.

Just listen from 3:42 on. It is brilliant and Olafur Arnalds-esque.

“Discovery” is like a much needed gentle rainstorm in a parched forest. It softly revives the listener.

“Guru” is from Bluestone’s recent Scars album. It is a hidden gem that most people will overlook as they will be listening to that album for more big room bangers.

Indian Summer- Kasbo Remix. What can I say? A more downtempo remix of a classic.

“Starlight” is another Jai Wolf track and a bit more mainstream and pop sounding than what I usually listen to, but it fits the bill for relaxing and chilling.