Vocal Chops 2.0

One of my first posts on this site was about an effect called “vocal chops“. Over two years later, those chops remain a favorite of mine. Sunny Lax’s new release “Ceylon” is a perfect example.




Stay with me…

…you will feel it for a few hours. These are the only lyrics in Pryda’s new release “Stay With Me.” This track is easily in the running for my favorite of the year. This spine-tingling track gives me that future techno-dystopian vibe embodied by films such as Blade Runner.

The tracks eponymous lyric “Stay with me… you will feel it for a few hours” is voiced by someone who, while human, sounds detached from the human experience. Why do we need to stay with her? What will we feel for a few hours? These lyrics set to the backdrop of harsh metallic sounds and foreboding bass, make me feel as I’ve awoken from some surgery to receive a cybernetic implant. Rather than a human nurse, I am tended to by an android. This android can mimic compassion by saying the words such as “Stay with me”, but it can’t fool me into thinking it cares. The words ring hollow as I awake to my painful but enhanced experience of the world.

Arctic Vibes

This new Yotto track is surreal. It is less dark and aggressive than previous tracks while still maintaining an potentially ominous undertone. This track is ominous in the way that the frozen landscape of the arctic is. Images of the arctic are beautiful and serene but in reality, the arctic is indifferent to the fact that it is inhospitable and deadly.

Here are some more great deep tracks from a recent Armada album titled “In Too Deep.” Here is a mini-mix of the album. Go download the full album!


Cosmic Gate shows no signs of slowing down. They recently released Materia Chapter 2 which is a worthy successor of Chapter 1. I have previously posted a few of the track from Chapter 1, but I’d like to refresh your memory before introducing Chapter 2. You can download Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Materia Chapter 1

Here is a teaser to show you how great the full-length album is.

am2pm- I love this track and the video.

Spectrum- This track combines the old school trance vibes of Cosmic Gate with the sound of Anjunabeats courtesy of Ilan Bluestone.

Fall Into You- The highlight vocal trance track of the album.

Materia Chapter 2

This entire post is meant to draw your attention to Chapter 2; however, I felt the need to post about Chapter 1 because I truly believe both of these albums are stellar and best enjoyed back to back. Not as many tracks are available for free from this newly released album, but I will post what I can. Again, I encourage you to download the full album.


Tonight- This is the highlight vocal trance track of this album and the equivalent to Fall Into You from Materia Chapter 1. This is an exceptional track and epitomizes the genre. Emma Hewitt, like JES, is one of the instantly identifiable vocalists of the genre. I’ve included the video version and the extended version for you hardcore trance fans.

Bigger Than We Are

Materia Live

Finally, here is Cosmic Gate’s full-length performance from Tomorrow Land. Worth a watch. I love the opening track “Materia” and its techno-spiritual introduction.




My Own Hymn

Right on the heels of “Tightrope”, Above & Beyond has released another single. It features the magical Zoë Johnston who is practically the unofficially fourth member of the group. Her vocals have defined the melodic trance that Above & Beyond is known for. This single is a return to form and reminds me of many of the classic tracks on the original Group Therapy album.

Lyrically, the track is an uplifting meditation on happiness and self-worth. It teaches us that happiness is not an external condition but an internal one that we have the ability to generate. As the line “Heaven is in your mind” tells us, happiness only requires a shift in perspective.

ASOT Anthems

Check out these two trance epics from A State of Trance 800 and 750 respectively. 2:30 onward in “I Live For That Energy” is a flawless example of the genre. It is powerful without being frenetic. The vocal notes imbue it with a sense of detachment and control over the raw power.

This track starts with bass worthy of your best speakers. At 1:54 it opens up into a transcendent stretch with airy vocals. 2:55 is an abrupt transition as the song kicks into high gear. 3:36 on is pure trance and this track is delightfully dark.