Retro 80s Vibe

EDM is a great way to discover new music and hidden gems. If you like a remix always make sure to check out the original track because you may just stumble upon your new favorite artist. That recently happened to me after I listened to Josep & Kane’s remix of “Running in the Night” by FM-84. I fell in love with the retro 80s sound, so I thought I would check out the original. The original track is just as good and its video is everything I had hoped it would be. The track originally took my mind to a city at twilight, and I was pleased to see that imagery realized in the video. To make things even better it features a sun-soaked evening in Los Angeles.




Alpha 9=Arty

Alpha 9 is an alias of Arty and is his outlet for great progressive and trance as of late. His most recent 3 singles have been euphoric. The most recent, “Skin”, features amazing electronic bells around 0:45. The fusion of this complex pattern and some solid base with abstract vocals around 2:30 is amazing.

If you enjoyed the above, here are two more tracks from Alpha 9 aka Arty that are in the same musical vein.

Kidnap Kid

Time for some deep. I have been a fan of Kidnap Kid since I listened to “Aba” (featured below. This new single is extraordinarily sublime. The prominent strings in the foreground overlying the electronic background is fantastic. The narrative vocals are a nice touch as well. The song already had me in a pensive mood and the narration of “live now… live now” further amplifies the mood.


Above & Beyond’s newest single “Tightrope” is a very interesting track. At 1:00 I am not sure what emotions the music elicits, but I think that is the point. Like its namesake, the song purposefully walks a musical tightrope between uplifting and slightly bittersweet. Based on the album art which features a multicolored scheme in the form of a tightrope I imagine this is the first of an upcoming album. Previous singles have all featured multicolored art workwhich eventually corresponded to the full album artwork. I am definitely looking forward to this full album.

The Descent

Armada is one of my favorite labels when it comes to trance. This recent release by Protoculture embraces the dark thrumming of trance and features some old school ambient vocals. However, these elements are refreshed and infused with a more modern style from 2:04 onward. This is easily one of my favorite tracks this year!

Guilty Pleasure

I like to pretend I am an EDM snob and never listen to generic pop-house. I’ll be honest… sometimes you just need a track with a quick payoff. I often comb through the top charts and pick out the occasional track that I think is interesting and will have some staying power. Below are a few that have been on repeat for me.

These two aren’t as mainstream and radio friendly, but they are still great.