[vocal, dark, progressive] Trance

As the title suggests, the following 3 tracks are some tasty trance tidbits that are primarily vocal, dark, and progressive respectively.



The Honda of EDM

Seven Lions is a hit machine. While I admit the product is becoming a bit derivative, it is still a formula that works. To complain about a Seven Lions track is like complaining about Honda producing reliable cars. All of the above have found a recipe for success and have stuck with it. As a happy driver of a Honda Civic and listener of Seven Lions I hope that they keep on doing what they do best.

Red Rocks

I have been eagerly awaiting this release since ABGT 250. This track, titled “Red Rocks” is a purely progressive masterpiece that has echoes of Above & Beyond’s other recent singles “Balearic Balls” and “A.I.“, which are two of my favorites. These releases don’t get much attention because they don’t have catchy vocals and are not included on albums. As you are about to find out… that’s a shame.

This track checks all the right boxes. Cinematic break and build-up with ambient vocals? Check (1:15). Tasteful drop with punchy bass? Check (2:25).

Here is the video of its initial debut at ABGT 250.

Radio Test

Today I have posted some old school trance and some more pop-infused EDM to show how much the genre has changed. The following tracks embody what I believe to be a middle ground. They push the limits while remaining something that would only please people like you and me. You would never hear these tracks on the radio. Maybe it is hipster or pretentious of me, but I use what I call the “radio test”. If I think something could have enough mass appeal to be on the radio then it has probably veered too far into the territory of pop.

Be warned: this first one is going to blast you out of your chair.

Modern EDM Amalgam

This next post is in stark contrast to my previous one. I just posted about my journey back through the trance archives, but in doing so I have come to appreciate and fully understand how much EDM has changed. These following tracks are all from popular artists blowing up the scene right now who blend the best of pop and EDM for mass appeal.

P.S. Arty seems to have gone the mainstream route of others before him such as Avicii and Audien. Good or bad? You be the judge.



Trance Throwbacks

I’ve been on a bit of a journey through older trance tracks to get back to the roots of the genre I love. No label is better for this than Armada. In my searching, I found this old but amazing track called “Skyfire.”

Where to start?! First of all, that narration at the start is incredible! It prepares the mind for the build up and drop that is to come. I actually got goosebumps around 2:14. This song is so simple but so effective and a fine example of the peak of trance.

That was a pure flashback but now lets turn our attention to a remixed classic. Perhaps the earliest EDM downloa I ever made was ATB’s “Ecstasy” and it shaped my musical tastes from then onward. This refreshing remix gives the original trance version a more modern and refined sound. I love the prolonged silence at 2:50…