It is time. Those of you that have continued to follow this blog do so because you are a fan of trance. Well let us break out Above & Beyond’s seminal album. The trance classic known as “Tri-State”. In a word, this album is sublime.

Let me draw your attention to some of my favorites.

5. “Can’t Sleep”- We’ve all been there for one reason or another. This song speaks to the power that emotions and a wandering mind have. Its that power that keeps you up hours on end rehashing things you did and didn’t do.

8. “In the Past”- That reverberating piano harkens back to Robert Miles and the classic album “Dreamland“.

9. “Alone Tonight”- At 1:30 Richard Bedford’s vocals perfectly convey the loneliness and frustration that this song embodies.

10. “Good for Me”- This is one of my favorite Above & Beyond tracks. This track is so powerful yet so simple. Why do we love? Those we love make us whole and we make them whole in turn. This song speaks to the necessity of love. Love, romantic or not, is integral to a happy and healthy existence. This song is a fan favorite for weddings and first dances.

13. “Home”- Its a rare occasion, but I don’t have words for what this song means to me or makes me feel. Please listen to it.



Trance/Dance/Progressive Update



Nikolauss – Uprising

I’m glad to know that people are still out there making classic sounding trance. Keep it up! I live for stretches like 2:34.

Flunk – Six Seven Times (Pablo Artigas Remix)

This song is incredible. If the above track is what trance used to sound like then this track embodies where the genre is heading.

LTN & Vintage & Morelli – Us


Sound Quelle & Max Meyer – Toscana (Aleksey Sladkov Remix)

This one and the next are hard to categorize. They blur the line between trance and progressive, but that is fine by me. Both genres bring something positive to the table.

Massai One – In Your Arms (Original Mix) [MRIZE160]


Thomas Sagstad feat. Wildo “Burned” (Kaskade Remix)

I put this in here so these summer vibes could chase away your winter blues. I really love 1:30 because the drums sounds like something from “Stomp”. The rawness is appealing.

Beat The Sunrise feat. Andrew Watt

Ahh…SNBRN. Let these tropical house vibes wash over you.

Vaja & Specialist Sound – A Part Of Me | OUT NOW

I don’t often post drum and bass, but when I do it is a quality track like this one.

Trance>[insert genre]

This track succeeds where many others have failed. It makes those classic trance vibes sound fresh and pleasing to the modern EDM listener. Many producers fall short of this and churn out tracks that sound stale and dated. 1:40 absolutely eptomizes the sound of the genre, and at 4:11 I feel like I’ve been transported back in time to the golden years of trance.

What I am most excited for is Oliver Smith’s yet to be released single, “Mirage”. Oh those vocals chops! Check it out at ~4:30.

As a bonus here are two progressive sounding tracks that I love as well.

Paul van Dyk

The trance legend Paul van Dyk (PvD) took over guest mixing duties on last week’s ABGT. I think PvD’s music is among my earliest memories of the trance genre. Check out the end of this post for one of my favorite PvD tracks and memories. He was was of the original pioneers of the genre and one of the first DJs to really be a celebrity. His recent guest mix was absolutely on point and I have selected two of my favorites to share with you.

PvD included a large representation of his fellow Germans in his guest mix. I am more than happy with that decision because they have remained true to that classic trance sound while finding ways to innovate. I have never been to Berlin, but I imagine that a misty night at 11am feels just 1:00. You take a taxi to the club, hearing the tires splash in the occasional puddle. You pull up to your destination and look out the window to see the city lights distorted by the rivulets from coalescing rain drops streaking down the window. You step out and descend into the club. Finally, at 2:25, you enter.

Here is another one that PvD played. This is by Arty, and I think my favorite part of this track comes around 1:10 which leads nicely into 1:40. Finally, the peak comes at 3:27.

Here is one of my favorite tracks by PvD. This is the version that Above & Beyond played in their weekly podcast Trance Around the World aka TATW (the predecessor to ABGT). This is all the way back from episode 177 which was sometime during my high school years. I have a vivid memory of driving to high school early in the morning with this song on repeat. The empty, lonely, and haunting tones of this track fit well with the silence of the dark and snowy landscape. 4:49… need I say more? I love the touch of the sirens in the background.

For some more modern PvD, check out his A State of Trance (ASOT) set and his ABGT guest mix starting at about 1:30:00).