3LAU- Dance Floor Filth 5

A stark contrast to my previous post feature a hardcore trance/deep/progressive compilation, Dance Floor Filth 5 is the newest installment in a legendary series of mash-up complications. Purists beware!

Mash-ups are my weakness. Some have called me hypocritical because I often dislike pop-EDM, so they question how I can like pop mixed with EDM. I think it is a subtle difference. The former tries to be both pop and EDM but fails at both. The latter combines two songs that succeeded at being either pop or EDM.

What is my favorite track? Well, I am a secret Taylor Swift fan, so I would have to say that the Harris/Swift Track would be my favorite. How cute.



“Ecstasy” by ATB is arguably one of the most famous and recognizable tracks of the earlier days of EDM. Take a listen to the original.

What a classic! This track embodied the sound of trance around the time it was released. Now lets talk about this bold remix. 1:22 and 2:10 are fantastically jaunty. This track is a peppy rework that imbues the the original with a bit of spunk. It takes a lot of confidence to so radically alter a trance classic, but I think this comes off quite nicely. It isn’t something I’d buy or add to my official collection, but it is fun to hear such a memorable song given such a radically different personality.

“The Hills” (Bruce Gibson Remix)- The Weeknd

I am a big fan of The Weeknd. I really loved the dark and depraved vibes of his older albums, so I have been a bit disappointed by the relative lightness and radio friendly sounds of “Wanderlust” and “Beauty Behind the Madness”. Fortunately, his most recent album has at least one song that gives me exactly the old school Weeknd sounds that I love, and there is a beautifully dark video accompanying the track. Check out “The Hills” below and then listen to the very summery EDM remix by Bruce Gibson. The remix is a free download too, so make sure add that track to your collection.

It looks like Soundcloud has removed the remix I meant to share with you. Hopefully you can still find it elsewhere.

Disarmed Cannibal (Kesha vs. Kaskade)

A few days back I was listening to Kaskade’s new track on Soundcloud. I noticed a comment suggesting that the song would mesh well with Kesha’s “Cannibal”. The poster, Notochord, has a great ear for potential mash-ups, and I agreed with him and asked if he could do the world a favor by bringing that mash-up to life. He did!

Kesha, Kaskade, and mash-ups are three of my favorite things, and all three were on heavy rotation during my college years. I especially loved 3LAU’s mash-ups so you can imagine how delighted this track makes me. You’ll find it below followed by the two original tracks. You will immediately notice how musically similar the originals are. Check out 2:52 in “Disarm You” and 0:35 in “Cannibal” to hear their compatibility. Notochord takes this preexisting compatibility and masterfully integrates them for a synergistic effect. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts in “Disarmed Cannibal”. I really love 3:18 onward.

If you like this make sure to give its creator, Notochord, a follow on YouTube and Soundcloud. Bonus points to anyone who can name the structure that is the remnant of the notochord in the adult human. I am both an EDM and med student after all.


Never has there been a more beautiful and fitting remix than Andrew Bayer’s rework of OceanLab’s “Secret”. It seems that Andrew Bayer has some experience with the topic of secrets. The track below combines Bayer’s musical genius with the wonderful Evanescence-like vocals of Molly Bancroft.

“Please keep your secrets to yourself…”

Anyway, listen to this work of art. “Secret” is a moving track about how awful it is to carry the burden of a secret when you have nobody to confide in. At 4:30, Bayer beautifully reworks the original to highlight the vocals and play up the desperate plea for relief.

As a bonus here is an old and a new Bayer track that I haven’t posted before.


I want to live in a dreamscape world generated from the ethereal music of M83. That ideal world got a bit more interesting after their collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre remixed by Steve Angello. That is quite a list of heavy hitters, so you’d expect this track to be impressive. Don’t worry because it more than delivers. Jean-Michel Jarre has been putting out some great electronic tracks lately. Check out my previous post on Above & Beyond’s remix of “Zero Gravity.”

Trap Queen Remix

“Trap Queen” is arguably the biggest rap/hip-hop hit of the summer. I would be a terrible blog host if I didn’t provide this excellent summery remix. Also, can we just marvel at Fetty Wap for a moment? The man lost an eye to congenital glaucoma and still has all the confidence in the world and absolutely embraces it.

Did I mention this is a free download? Get it!

Here is the original.