Mid-Summer House

Its the weekend, so I thought I’d throw together a short house sampler for those sunny July weekends at the beach, lake, or pool.

3LAU, a mashup master and an integral part of my college playlists, has transitioned to producing original pieces. His newest track features one of my favorite vocalists, Emma Hewitt. 2:18 onward is a wonderful combination of soaring vocals punctuated one two punch bass notes.

Surprisingly, I like Martin Garrix. I truly think his productions are top-notch. Other producers have popularized some of the sounds he uses, but they only use them as cheap tricks while Garrix builds entire cohesive tracks around them. It works. “Animals“, “Virus“, and now “Dragon” are all in my music collection.

I’ve never heard of this artist, but I have been missing out. Apparently, Rosette is a Canadian R&B singer whose vocals have been put to excellent use in this up-tempo dance track. This is practically pop, but even the EDM hipster in me can’t deny that this is just good music. I look forward to some progressive or deep remixes.

Lots of times I inappropriately use house to refer to popular EDM tracks that can find their way to the radio (e.g. Calvin Harris, Tiesto, or Avicii). I should probably just call those types of songs something more generic like “dance”. Lets listen to some real house. This is some underground and slightly funky sounding house from London producer Michael Woods. Now this is what I’d like to hear a DJ play. If you like this sound then check out his label’s Soundcloud.


Michael Woods and Madeon

Michael Woods is a house producer that is really growing on me. His tracks don’t pander to current fads too much and they are cohesive and really full-bodied. I really like how at 1:00 he clearly articulates the beat which elevates it to a more prominent position. 1:45 is also a high point. Check out my post on his other recent track “Tequila Nights“.

Here is another Michael Woods track. 1:09… oh my…

Check out this quirky little number from Woods. I really like the drops at 1:03 and 2:30.

Out of all the tracks on Madeon’s new album, this caught my ear immediately. I’d recommend giving the entire album a listen if you haven’t already. Not all of it is my cup of tea, but it is pretty diverse and you are sure to find something that you like. I sure did!