A must have for your workout playlist

Check out this amazing remix of Above & Beyond’s “Hello”. Jerome-Isma Ae made this gym friendly track into my essential running and workout song. The epic build-up and subsequent driving bassline are perfect for when you are hitting the wall in the gym. Take a breather as this song builds then hit the weights or kick up the intensity on the treadmill when this song shifts into overdrive

Also check out the teaser compilation from the Anjunabeats Worldwide 05 album right here. This is the album that the “Hello” remix was released on. You can buy the full album on iTunes.

Along with Ilan Bluestone, Myon & Shane 54 stand out as having a knack for remixing Above & Beyond tracks. They take the basic uplifting vibe of many A&B tracks and make them even more inspirational sounding with the infusion their own upbeat and summery sound. 2:37 is a great example.

Finally, here is a bonus track from Markus Schulz. This is another unofficial video from Inspiron Trance, but the track is exceptional. Schulz is one of the artists who has stuck to his trance roots more fiercely than most. Those German DJs are certainly loyal to the genre.