Massive Anjunabeats Update

Ajunabeats has been busy signing new talent lately. That talent has certaintly delivered. On the heels of massive releases such as “Elements“, “Atlas“, and “Cairo”, Jason Ross vs. Jenaux gives us “Solaris”. Honestly, this track doesn’t catch my attention right away, but I become extremely interested around 2:00. This is a beautiful and atmospheric stretch filled with primal vocals. From this point on the track really matures and becomes quite rich and full. 2:59 is the drop, and it is worth the wait. I don’t think that this track is on the same level as his previous releases, but it is still very enjoyable and worth adding to your collection.

Lets follow that fresh¬†Anjunabeats talent with something new from the old guard. Ilan Bluestone released a few new tracks of his own on the Anjunabeats Worldwide compilation that he mixed. I particularly liked “Cloudchaser”. 2:29 is the first drop in this rather lengthy track.

As a bonus, here is a track that Maor Levi and Ilan Bluestone remixed together. I have often referenced what I simply call that “Bluestone bassline”, and I wanted to give you a good example of what that sounds like. Listen to 1:00 for Bluestone and then 3:13 for Maor Levi’s flavor.

The newest member of Anjunabeats skews very progressive. I discussed my thoughts on the subgenre in a previous post, so read up to fully appreciate how well Grum produces the style.