Trance>[insert genre]

This track succeeds where many others have failed. It makes those classic trance vibes sound fresh and pleasing to the modern EDM listener. Many producers fall short of this and churn out tracks that sound stale and dated. 1:40 absolutely eptomizes the sound of the genre, and at 4:11 I feel like I’ve been transported back in time to the golden years of trance.

What I am most excited for is Oliver Smith’s yet to be released single, “Mirage”. Oh those vocals chops! Check it out at ~4:30.

As a bonus here are two progressive sounding tracks that I love as well.


I’d like to visit Tokyo, and I hope it feels like this sounds…

I’ve never been to Tokyo. My other hobby, in addition to EDM, is reading and writing about urban spaces, skylines, and architecture. Needless to say, visiting the original megacity is on my bucket list. For some reason, 1:26 in this track conjured imagery of the sights, sounds, and emotions that I imagine experiencing on a future trip to Tokyo. This song just feels like city lights, density, and late nights in strange places.

Here is a bonus track from the Macarize label. They really do release some of the most consistently excellent progressive tracks.