Lane 8’s Upcoming Album “Rise”

I really can’t wait for this album. There isn’t much to say right now other than suggesting that you check out my previous posts about his work and give this new track a listen. His newly released track, “Ghost” really embodies his sound and style well, and it is an excellent barometer to gauge whether you’ll want to search out his other material. Spoiler alert: You will want to!

“Diamonds”, which has been out for a few months, will also be on the album. This one has already become an Anjunadeep classic.

Lane 8 technically falls under the genre of “deep house”, but his music is definitely the more vocal and popularized version of that genre. Close the submarine hatch because we are about to dive deeper. Lets explore some deep ocean trenches where the likes of the following tracks reside. These super deep tunes are verging towards the ambient electronica end of the spectrum. They aren’t for everyone, but I am sure some readers will find them as pleasing as I do.