Kaskade- Automatic

This almost seems to good to be true. Kaskade put his entire new album on Soundcloud. I have been posting bits and pieces of this album as the singles have been released. If you liked those tracks then you will really enjoy the album in its entirety.

My personal high points:

The singles were great, but since I have discussed them in previous posts I’ll just list the deeper cuts.

Phoenix- 0:49

Where Are You Now- 1:35

A Little More- All of it! I think this was a single, but I didn’t post about it.


Disarmed Cannibal (Kesha vs. Kaskade)

A few days back I was listening to Kaskade’s new track on Soundcloud. I noticed a comment suggesting that the song would mesh well with Kesha’s “Cannibal”. The poster, Notochord, has a great ear for potential mash-ups, and I agreed with him and asked if he could do the world a favor by bringing that mash-up to life. He did!

Kesha, Kaskade, and mash-ups are three of my favorite things, and all three were on heavy rotation during my college years. I especially loved 3LAU’s mash-ups so you can imagine how delighted this track makes me. You’ll find it below followed by the two original tracks. You will immediately notice how musically similar the originals are. Check out 2:52 in “Disarm You” and 0:35 in “Cannibal” to hear their compatibility. Notochord takes this preexisting compatibility and masterfully integrates them for a synergistic effect. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts in “Disarmed Cannibal”. I really love 3:18 onward.

If you like this make sure to give its creator, Notochord, a follow on YouTube and Soundcloud. Bonus points to anyone who can name the structure that is the remnant of the notochord in the adult human. I am both an EDM and med student after all.

Kaskade’s new vocal track

In my opinion, Kaskade’s forte is producing vocal tracks. His collaboration with deadmau5 on “I Remember” is possibly the best modern vocal EDM track that I can think of. I’ve gushed about that song many times, so I will spare you the details. If you haven’t heard it or missed my original post on that track then go here.

Anyway, his new vocal track “Never Sleep Alone” is pretty decent. I really like the instrumentals, and I think it will lend itself well to amazing future remixes. At 1:14, you can definitely tell that he is trying to span the gap between his old style and new house/electro.