Super 8 & Tab’s new album “Unified”

Super 8 & Tab finally has a new album. This Finnish duo produces some of the best trance and progressive out there, but they mix things up a little bit in their new album. Lets start out with an example of a track deviating from their traditional trance sound. Below is the wonderfully downtempo and electronic sounding “Say U Luv”.

I have already posted one early release from their album called “No Frontiers”, and the following song is a very similar sounding track. Its a traditional sounding vocal track that I absolutely love.

Finally, “Code Red” is a techy sounding collaboration with Jaytech. This track has been out for months and has been making its rounds in DJ sets, but I haven’t gotten around to posting it yet. 2:32 makes me want to take a drive with my windows down on a sunny Saturday.

If you like the cumulative sound of these 3 representative tracks then I suggest that you take a look at the entire album. Especially “Rubicon” and “Sonata”, which have not been released as singles, so I can’t share them with you very easily.



Off-Beat Beauty

Jaytech hardly disappoints, and his new track “Afterburner” is no exception. This euphonic track is solid all the way through, but it is notable enough to write about due to a particularly delicious stretch at 1:49. This off-beat section is so amazing, and my only qualm with it is that it is not nearly long enough! Jaytech makes up for it with a solid build-up that releases at 2:50.

My first and favorite off-beat track is “Invincible”. 3:40 still gives me chills. I can’t overstate how much I like a good off-beat stretch in a track.

I should also mention that Jaytech has his own weekly radio show that I like almost as much as Group Therapy. After I finish the week’s Group Therapy, his podcast is what I reach for next.