Delayed Gratification

Eric Prydz is a deadmau5 level electronic/progressive god. I often extol the slow progression of deadmau5 tracks, and call them a “slow burn” that requires patience. If you are into that sort of delayed gratification then this new Eric Prydz piece is for you.

I find myself slowly starting to move to this track as the tempo slowly increases. The tension builds to a stratospheric level and finally releases around 3:40. I honestly can’t recall a track with such a masterful build up since deadmau5 blew my mind with “Right This Second.”


Reminded of the sound that I love

Sometimes a track comes along that centers me and reminds me what quality dance music is. This new Eric Prydz track is precisely the reason that I fell in love with the genre. This brilliant progressive piece shrugs off modern cookie-cutter EDM molds in lieu of a more drawn out form that requires a bit of patience. This song is a slow burn that still has peaks and valleys to appreciate. Sounds and effects are slowly layered and folded into the mix, and they effortlessly dissipate as the track comes to a close.

Give this song a listen from start to finish. Good things come to those who wait…

Here is some more Eric Prydz (vs CHVRCHES) for those of you that like a more pop/dance feel.