We are Friends 007 (WAF007)

Deadmau5’s mau5trap label is one of my favorites especially when I want a chunky techno house experience. The most recent compilation album was just released and the entire thing is fantastic, but I wanted to highlight a few standouts.

First is a track by i_o called “Warning.” Take a listen at 2:18. As you can tell Deadmau5 has really found artists who are on the same wavelength as him, so if you like deadmau5 you will love these compilations.

“Caerus” is pretty unique. 2:34 sounds like a video game and is the highlight for me.

This deadmau5 protege has beaten the master at his own game. From 2:00 onward there is a techno buildup with a characteristic chord progression featuring dark minor tones, and it is flawless.

Below is the entire compilation album WAF007:

Bonus track: This is a deliciously dark vocal track from the label.


Marshmello Hits

I have been traveling a lot recently and it has been exhausting. Sometimes I need a break from my dark and moody trance and deep tracks. When I do, I take refuge in the radio-friendly hits at the top of the EDM charts.

Marshmello has had a string of hits by featuring some of the biggest pop stars like Khalid and Selena Gomez. Speaking of Khalid, his album American Teen is probably my favorite non-EDM album of the year.

This last one has not gained traction yet, but it should be at the top of the charts in my opinion.

Worst Lyrics of All Time

I don’t like lyrics. I think they are distracting, and I prefer when voice is used primarily as an instrument, I was actually enjoying the new Calvin Harris songs featuring the lovely vocals of Kehlani until it was all ruined by Lil Yachty. I have heard a lot of silly lyrics, but I think his verse takes the cake.  Prepare yourself because below are the worst lyrics of all time:

Remember that time I put those pepperonis on your face
Made you a creature
Now I think about you every single time I eat pizza, ohh

SMH, please Calvin Harris stop pandering by featuring artists like Lil Yachty in your music. Kehlani: good. Lil Yachty: bad.

Gabriel & Dresden

Leading up to their new album, they have released 3 singles that are fantastic. By far my favorite is the first track here called “Waiting for Winter.” This is the first time I have heard the vocals of Jan Burton, but I hope he becomes a staple within the EDM community. His vocals provide a warmth in this track akin to sitting around a warm glowing fireplace on a cold dark winter night.

“White Walls” is a dreamy song featuring the vocals of Sub Teal.

The lyric video for “This Love Kills Me” is perfect with its film reel footage passing by like fragmented memories of the past.

Progressive Power

Progressive feels like a nebulous sub-genre to me. When I am asked to define I have trouble, but I sure know it when I hear it. Take a listen to these older tracks from Capa to get a good representation of the sub-genre. I’ve also included a few new tracks from Grum who has been the de facto “Vice-Chair of Progressive” at Anjunabeats for a few years now.

Bonus: Naturally, my YouTube travels through the land of progressive took me to the master, Eric Prydz. This is an older song (2015) from Eric Prydz but I just stumbled upon the video which is amazing. I’m not sure what it means, but I know I was mesmerized from start to finish. I thought you all would enjoy.

Another Lover

The newest vocal release from Ilan Bluestone’s upcoming album, “Another Lover” is a melodic trance track and my favorite of his vocal productions to date. Koven’s vocals are simultaneously soaring and haunting lending a heft of reverie and retrospection. 1:15 onward is the culmination of these vocals and Bluestone’s flawless production. It is a perfect stretch of EDM.


Above & Beyond: Common Ground Tour

I am pretty excited because I just bought tickets to Above & Beyond’s Common Ground tour which is stopping in LA on 12/29. I can’t wait to hear their new music live, but in the meantime, I will have the below tracks on repeat. If you want to see them live too, check out the end of the video above for a list of North American cities.

I really love their newest release “Northern Soul”. The vocals of Richard Bedford work so well with A&B’s sound and the collaboration has provided us with such classics as “Sun & Moon” and “Black Room Boy.” It is going to be a fan favorite for a long time. I can’t wait to sing along at ~1:00 with thousands of other people and then enjoy the drop at ~2:00. Below is the debut at ABGT250 and the lyric video.

Check out that crowd! I love the drop at 3:47.

I’ve already posted about “My Own Hymn” but wanted to repost the new lyric video. This uplifting and cathartic track has already proven to be a crowd pleaser.