Lana Del Rey Remixes

I am an unapologetic Lana del Rey fan. She just released a new album called Lust for Life, and I am looking forward to future remixes. That thought got me scouring the internet for remixes of her old tracks that I had not heard before. Here is a quick compilation of what I found.


Alpha 9=Arty

Alpha 9 is an alias of Arty and is his outlet for great progressive and trance as of late. His most recent 3 singles have been euphoric. The most recent, “Skin”, features amazing electronic bells around 0:45. The fusion of this complex pattern and some solid base with abstract vocals around 2:30 is amazing.

If you enjoyed the above, here are two more tracks from Alpha 9 aka Arty that are in the same musical vein.

Kidnap Kid

Time for some deep. I have been a fan of Kidnap Kid since I listened to “Aba” (featured below. This new single is extraordinarily sublime. The prominent strings in the foreground overlying the electronic background is fantastic. The narrative vocals are a nice touch as well. The song already had me in a pensive mood and the narration of “live now… live now” further amplifies the mood.


Above & Beyond’s newest single “Tightrope” is a very interesting track. At 1:00 I am not sure what emotions the music elicits, but I think that is the point.┬áLike its namesake, the song purposefully walks a musical tightrope between uplifting and slightly bittersweet. Based on the album art which features a multicolored scheme in the form of a tightrope I imagine this is the first of an upcoming album. Previous singles have all featured multicolored art workwhich eventually corresponded to the full album artwork. I am definitely looking forward to this full album.