The Descent

Armada is one of my favorite labels when it comes to trance. This recent release by Protoculture embraces the dark thrumming of trance and features some old school ambient vocals. However, these elements are refreshed and infused with a more modern style from 2:04 onward. This is easily one of my favorite tracks this year!


Guilty Pleasure

I like to pretend I am an EDM snob and never listen to generic pop-house. I’ll be honest… sometimes you just need a track with a quick payoff. I often comb through the top charts and pick out the occasional track that I think is interesting and will have some staying power. Below are a few that have been on repeat for me.

These two aren’t as mainstream and radio friendly, but they are still great.


Frozen Ground

Ilan Bluestone found success with last year’s vocal track in large part due to the talents of Giuseppe de Luca. Bluestone smartly stuck with de Luca for his second vocal effort, and I think he has another hit. This track is radio friendly, and I am just waiting for that day that an artist like Bluestone breaks through to the mainstream. Quality is not the issue at all. The production value is impeccable, the beat is strong and catchy, and de Luca is a talented singer with a unique vocal flavor. If you agree then share this track with all of your friends!

Below is the Bluestone and de Luca’s track from last year called “Bigger than Love”.

Way Out West

Way Out West has become my go-to deep artist. Last year’s release “Tuesday Maybe” is my favorite deep track of all time. I’ve included it below. Their newest track is a vocal number that is also excellent and a very encouraging sign that their upcoming album will be spectacular. Take a listen.

And my favorite deep track ever!

Above & Beyond: Ghost in the Shell

Soundtracks are up there with EDM as my favorite musical genre, so I was ecstatic to hear that Above & Beyond had contributed to the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack. This track is in the style of their previous instrumental efforts that often serve as openers to their sets. Below is the track “Surge” as well as the trailer for Ghost in the Shell.


New deadmau5

deadmau5 is back and pairing up with his protege ATTLAS. The first track up is a deadmau5 solo effort, and he successfully channels the sparse sounds of Random Album Title. Around 2:12 he shifts to the more high energy sounds of 4×4=12. Altogether this track successfully blends the old and new.


3:30 onward is where this next joint track gets really interesting. In true deadmau5 form there is a slow and imperceptible progression as he guides you through the bridge. Before you know it you are on the other side. The interesting thing to me is that the bridge is the highlight of this track rather than the segments on each side of it.

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