Need to Feel Love

I first heard this track on ABGT and instantly fell in love. The vocals are so airy and dreamy, and the music gently supports and intertwines with the vocals. Neither is dominant. The song makes me feel so relaxed and and at peace.

I looked up the video, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon seeing the opening scenes of a woman in bed and scantily clad I rolled my eyes thinking, “I know where this is going…” Given the name of the track, I assumed I was in for a cheap objectification of this woman just for views. However, the video turned out to be much more than that. As the story unfolds you discover that this video isn’t about sexual or romantic love. Instead, the video is glimpse into this young woman’s wanderlust and cultural exploration. She is looking for love in a much grander sense. She seeks to find and practice a humanistic love that transcends language and culture.


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