Kaleidoscopic Eye Candy and City Sleuthing

It isn’t often that a video completely mesmerizes me. This one does. It combines all of my favorite things: EDM, mass transit, urban scenery, and geometric patterns. I especially love the kaleidoscopic effect starting at 2:05.

Here is the audio only version.

Naturally, I was curious which city was featured in the video. Even with the additional effects making it hard to discern landmarks I suspected it was Tokyo. There is only one city in the world that has this level of density, bridges, and a rail system that is elevated for extended periods of time. To confirm I did some additional sleuthing. The bridge was a big clue. 1:50 in the new video matches up to around 5:50 in the original video. Just the presence of a bridge suggests a coastal city, but that particular bridge is a classic landmark in Tokyo. What officially convinced me was 0:55 in the original video. On the right you can see a communications tower with s subtle color gradient. I instantly recognized this as the red and white Tokyo Tower. Below is the original video and images of the features I used to identify Tokyo.

Tokyo skyline demonstrating its extraordinary density.


Rainbow BridgeRainbow-Bridge-Tokyo-Japan-8.jpg

Tokyo Tower3009_01.jpgtokyo-skyline-at-night-wallpaper-2.jpg



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