Shout. Shout.

Let it all out. These are the things I can do without. Come on. Im talking to you. Come on.

Those are among the most memorable lyrics I know, and I have been a Tears for Fears fan ever since I first heard them as a kid in the 90s. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t hear them until 10+ years after many of their songs were released. Good music transcends time and can speak to kid from another generation. I was excited to see Grum give “Shout” a progressive remix. I’ll just leave it hear for your listening pleasure.




Need to Feel Love

I first heard this track on ABGT and instantly fell in love. The vocals are so airy and dreamy, and the music gently supports and intertwines with the vocals. Neither is dominant. The song makes me feel so relaxed and and at peace.

I looked up the video, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon seeing the opening scenes of a woman in bed and scantily clad I rolled my eyes thinking, “I know where this is going…” Given the name of the track, I assumed I was in for a cheap objectification of this woman just for views. However, the video turned out to be much more than that. As the story unfolds you discover that this video isn’t about sexual or romantic love. Instead, the video is glimpse into this young woman’s wanderlust and cultural exploration. She is looking for love in a much grander sense. She seeks to find and practice a humanistic love that transcends language and culture.


After a trance heavy Cosmic Gate post, I thought I’d switch things up with a more modern house post. A former member of Swedish House Mafia, Alesso has been releasing some great tracks on his own. These two tracks are the perfect accompaniment to a summer beach day or road trip.


Cosmic Gate shows no signs of slowing down. Formed in 1999 by Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems, this duo has been one of the most consistent acts in electronic music. Their most recent album demonstrates their ability to adapt and remain fresh while remaining true to their roots. You can grab the album here.

Am2pm is my favorite track on the album. It is a tribute to trance and the video features some great desert landscapes and one of my favorite cities in the world.

Below are some more highlights from the album. Bluestone’s fingerprints are all over “Spectrum”.

I shared “Halo” in my previous post, but it is worth putting here again.

I said that Cosmic Gate stayed true to their trance roots, and JES on the vocals is a great example of this. She has been featured on so many trance hits that her voice is synonymous with the genre in my mind.

This downtempo track features Julie Thompson, another fixture of the genre.

In the next track the duo teams up with an equally legendary producer in Ferry Corsten.

3:09: “You’ve got to feel the sun!” Enough said.





Weekend Roundup

These 2 tracks are both ambitious in their own right. “Halo” opens with an Inception inspired “whooooomp” and continue to be deliciously dark. “Halo” is from a new Cosmic Gate album called Materia and the entire album is fantastic.

Cosmic Gate – Halo

Rafael Frost – In Between


Higher Love: Dubstep Done Right

I always felt that certain elements from dubstep had staying power and would find their place within EDM. I have been a vocal critic of artists like Skrillex, but dubstep has reached maturity under the guidance of Seven Lions. Their new track on Anjunabeats is easily my favorite track of this young year, and I’m hard pressed to imagine anything that can top it.

Here is the official video.

Here it is debuted at ABGT200.

Here is some of Seven Lions past music. I am loving the SoCal scenery of Santa Barbara in the first video.

Balearic Balls

Above & Beyond’s new single veers back towards their trance roots, and I couldn’t be happier. It is similar to A.I. (below) in its classic trance sound and darker feel. I tend to like suspense filled build ups to a drop, so I’d like to talk about 1:16. I love the eerie sounds here, and 1:46 is a smooth techno bridge into the drop.

The name of this track is a bit of a mystery to me. The Balearic Islands are off the coast of Spain and contain the EDM mecca of Ibiza. Previously unknown in broader pop culture, the island of Ibiza is now known as the place Mike Posner took a pill to show Avicii he was cool. I wonder if it worked. So the Balearic part of Balearic Balls makes sense. Let me know if you have any insight about the second word in the title.