Hidden Gems from November

I have been keeping a list of some of my diamond in the rough tracks. Here is my list of recent progressive and uplifting trance gems that I have been collecting for the past few months. They are listed in descending order starting with the best.

Vintage and Morelli- Afterglow

Same K- Bloomlight

Max Freegrant- Space Odyssey

Estiva- Flares

Chris Progstone- Cala Salada


Puro and deadmau5

Like Snowcone, deadmau5’s new release is as cold and empty as the Canadian plains in February. The difference here is the addition of vocals which I really like. The vocals are warm and inviting and draw you in like a flame seen through a window on a blustery cold night.

Although this Soundcloud version doesn’t say it, this song features deadmau5. I probably didn’t have to point it out as you will soon find out once you start listening. Puro balances the recent melancholic tones of deadmau5 to make this an upbeat track that still features some tasty deadumau5 chords, especially at 2:15. Extra points for the album cover.

Anjuna Update post-ABGT200


I’ve been busy the past few months and have been unable to post. Fortunately, Anjunabeats has also been busy, so I have quite a backlog of tracks to share with you. This recent stretch of releases have been top-notch quality and most of them were the highlights of AGBT 200. Let’s jump right in. I also included the full ABGT 200 video at the bottom.

Sink the Lighthouse

The original version released on “We Are All We Need” was a very dark and moody track that, while enjoyable, wasn’t anything I thought had much potential for a big time remix. Maor Levi proved me wrong. This is one of my favorite remixes in a long time and it retains that brooding quality but gains a bit of backbone and and purpose. 1:53 onward this track is nearly recognizable and sounds like an original trance masterpiece. I love it!

Everything’s a Lie

Aneym is a new vocalist to me, but she fits the bill perfectly. Sunny Lax’s vibe is one of my favorites. In fact, one of my first posts here talked about how Sunny Lax tracks embody my current preferences in EDM. This track is no exception. 2:00 onward is bliss. A full bodied base with a airy female vocalist intermingling with soaring synths.


At the start it has a grungy electronic sound but it has a personality shift for the better (in my opinion) at 0:45. The middle is fantastic but at the end it goes back to the same motif we heard at the start. Im going to rant here for a bit. I don’t get this trend of adding an aggressive motif to bookend an otherwise wonderful melodic track. I fist noticed it with Andrew Bayer and it has since been done by A&B and now Oliver Smith. I think contrast and variation are great, but I think the transitions have been a bit too jarring. I could do without these bookends but the book here is worthwhile so give it a listen.



1:36. Yep. You guessed it. Vocals but no lyrics. My favorite thing in the world. Enough said.


Another Chance

These videos feature a unique art form called Wayang which originate din Indonesia. It features puppets which cast a shadow and the performances are usually accompanied by music. Love the track and the very stylized videos.

ABGT 200 and aftermovie