From the Past


Andrew Bayer has a new track out and 1:15 onward is perfection. I love the build up and something about Bayer’s recent tunes like this and “Celestial” put me at peace. I think that over the past year the average quality of his songs has been the highest of anybody on the label. I’ve written about many of them before but have included them again to have all of this Bayer goodness in one place.




Stranger Things- deadmau5 remix

I love the show Stranger Things. It is a great blend of a many things I love namely horror, sci-fi, the 80s, and Indiana. I also loved the eerie synth filled theme, so did deadmau5. He whipped up an awesome remix. Check it out here.

Beneath With Me

This new release from Kaskade and deadmau5 featuring Skylar Grey is beautifully haunting. Magic always happens when these two team up. The combination has produced possibly my favorite track of all time in “I Remember” which I wrote about here and another solid production called “Move for Me“. This new track is up there with “I Remember” in its beautiful emptiness.

As much as I love the video that has been made for this track, I think that it is important to give first listen to a song without an accompanying visual imposing its view of what the song should make you feel or imagine.

Now to the video. This is an incredible video that kept me entranced as it unfolded. It opens in the aftermath of a car accident on a mountain road overlooking Los Angeles. The camera zooms in on an injured female who remains in the car while her male counterpart lies motionless on the pavement, presumably having been violently ejected. She begins to rise and limps away from the scene of the accident. She seems to be in shock and detached from the horror of what just happened, and she slowly becomes aware of her wounds. As she leaves the scene of the crash and walks in the opposite direction we become aware of a growing light that she is walking towards. The camera leaves her, approaching the intense white light, and pans over to the previously motionless man who now gets up and runs to the car. He desperately tries to arouse the woman and pull her from the wreckage. At the very end she takes a breath as her soul returns and she is pulled back from the white light.

New BlackGummy and Strobe Remixes

Blackgummy has a new EP out on mau5trap called “Impactor”. Lets dig into the delicious dark beats of Blackgummy.

My favorite is KT. This one nearly blew me out of my chair and certainly agitated my neighbors when I had it on my good speakers. You can find the rest of the EP on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

New Strobe Remixes are below. I really like the one by Lane 8 and ATTLAS. The Dimension remix has a fun Drum and Bass feel and the Com Truise remix has an 80s electro vibe.