Hakkasan: Tiesto and DallasK

I don’t usually listen to the big room tracks of labels like Spinnin’ unless I am actually in Vegas. I don’t feel like they translate well to small headphones or casual daily listening. I might add one or two to my gym playlist but thats about it. Since I don’t listen to that music much I wasn’t familiar with DallasK who opened for Tiesto when I was at Hakkasan last weekend. I actually enjoy these big room tracks in their native environment and had an excellent time listening to DallasK’s set. His tracks and mixes are hard hitting and have the appropriate ADHD rapid fire drops and transitions that you want to keep you entertained and energized at the start of a 4 hour stretch in the club.

This is a great example of his style. 1:07 really knocks you on your ass in person.

This is a collaboration between the two that was just released.


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