Trop House Takeover

I was in Vegas this past weekend and the current ambience of that city is now set by tropical house flavored pop/EDM piped into every casino, hotel, pool, and outdoor area. In all of my time following EDM I don’t think I have ever seen a specific and formerly niche vibe come to pervade almost all of popular EDM and many pop radio hits. Below is a sampling of some of the tracks I heard constantly throughout my trip. I’ve also included a link to an Apple Music playlist that really embraces the sound if you want more.

Its easy to understand why trop house is so popular. We all want to be perpetually on vacation on a sandy beach with a cold drink and not a care in the world. Trop house aims to take you there for 3-4 minutes and you get addicted. Below are great examples of the genre and the videos capture the spirit of the genre. Tan, beautiful, rich, infinity pool, boat, beach palm tree, stylish, carefree. We all want to be these things and experience them. Trop house gives that to us for a brief moment on our commute to work, daily workout, or while doing housework. It is a temporary antidote to the mundane.

Here are a few that are a bit more on the pop side. I know many people aren’t big Bieber fans, but he has smartly ridden the trop house wave and is featured on many of them.


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