One of the most iconic electronic tracks of all time, Porcelain is almost flawless. Can it be remixed? Should it be remixed? Is it sacred ground? Well, Above & Beyond and Arty tried their hand at remixes. I generally like them both, but there is no way to improve upon the original. Porcelain can only be made a bit more modern sounding and fresh but with that goes much of its charm.

Let me know. Can Porcelain be done justice in a remix? Did these two accomplish that? Which do you like better?


Above & Beyond

I feel like they share my sentiment about Porcelain being perfect. However, I think this caused them to avoid altering the iconic parts of the song resulting in a remix that feels a bit disjointed at the start. Its a hard balance to strike, but I think the track finds it more towards the end.


Arty just goes for it. He gets his hands on it and really makes it his own while respecting the original.



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