Piano Notes, Vocals sans Lyrics, and Pure Trance

Its time for a big update. These are some trance and progressive tunes that I’ve picked out over the past few weeks.

If you’ve visited this blog at all in the past you can probably guess why I love this one. Im a sucker for that contrast between intense bass and lonely sounding sparse piano notes.

I love the next track for similar reasons.

No this is not a flashback. This is just some high quality trance from one of the best, Paul van Dyk. You absolutely must listen to 3:51. This stretch is what I love about the genre.

Here is a piano fueled intermission at 2:10 that is breathtaking.

Another things that I love… vocals sans lyrics.

Here is another deadmau5 minion with a very deadmau5 sounding track.

I wrote a post about tropical house and I think it has a musical relative along the trance branch of the family tree. I don’t know exactly what to call it so lets call it beach trance. Like its cousin this sound takes you to a warm sandy beach but instead of partying you are watching the sun set.

Lets end on a weird note. Enjoy.



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