Memory Lane

Sometimes its nice to take a trip back down memory lane. Take a listen to this 11 year old flashback to remember what real trance felt like. 4:50 onward is where it gets really good.

Speaking of Memory Lane. That is the title of Kyau & Albert’s newest track. I really enjoy this one and the awesome vocals make it easy to listen to again and again without getting old.


We are Friends: vol 5


Below is the entire album, but I want to call your attention to a few of my favorites.

1. Saved by deadmau5. This is classic deadmau5 in the same vein as HR 8938 Cephei which is a favorite of mine. The sparse and melancholic track features chord progressions that pull the strings on my emotions. Like many deadmau5 tracks, it will be wasted if you don’t have the time to focus on it or have the patience to listen from start to finish.

3. Neverdeader by BlackGummy. The phone ringing at the start is slightly creepy. I like it. Check out this other track from BlackGummy that I love. Its called The Machine.

6. Hell is Other People by Eekkoo. 4:50 is very dark, but at the same time has a full and rich sound that invites you in. It isn’t inviting in the way that a warm fireplace is, but it is inviting in the way that a strange light coming from a room down the hall is. It piques my curiosity and I want to see what is in the room.

9. I Need You by Neus is absolutely fascinating. It keeps with the darker electronic theme of the album, but it has a but of tropical house trying to break through.

10. Someone to Write About by No Mana. I would venture to say that No Mana beat daudmau5 at his own game. The entire track feels like a deadmau5 counterfeit, but the weird thing is that I would pay more for this than the original. I especially love 3:35.