Summer Sounds

Here is an upbeat mix from Spinnin’ to keep your party going on the beach, lake, pool, wherever you may be.

After you are done and relaxing give these chill out tracks a spin. They are absolutely fantastic.

And deeper…

And deepest…

And goodnight…


Follow the Light

I love Andrew Bayer and I have enjoyed Arty’s recent return to Anjunabeats. Never would I have imagined these two heavy weights teaming up, but the results are euphoric. I think this may be my favorite Anjunabeats release in a long time.

I like to think about which artist influenced what in these dual effort tracks, so lets break it down that way.

The opening is tricky. I think the grungy feel punctuated by male vocals à la the Do Androids Dream EP sounds like Bayer. However, I am not too sure after Arty’s recent “Distorted Love” release. Perhaps Bayer has been in the studio with Arty more than we realize.

0:45 is deliciously chunky. Imagine that hitting you on the dance floor at about 2am. Hope I experience that soon as Bayer will be in my area.

1:30 is the type of sweeping cinematic stretch that is classic Bayer. The piano and strings here remind me of “Celestial“.

2:18 “Which way do you think we should go?” This gave me chills. Again, this is Bayer. He loves these types of vague vocals that function to set a tone and create unanswered questions rather than state things.

Immediately after 2:18 I think its fairly equal but an Arty flavor predominates.

Also included in this post is a new one from Jason Ross. This is his first vocal track just like Ilan recently produced his first. I think that this sounds a bit formulaic. That isn’t necessarily bad, but I’m left feeling like I’ve already heard this song upon my first listen. That being said, the vocals and production are fantastic. I’d like to see something a bit more unique, but I think he will find his own sound with vocal tracks soon enough.


California Love and Near NYC Disaster

I love this song and video. Its a deep track with a nostalgic Lana del Rey styled video. However, I have one problem with it. If my eyes don’t deceive me, this video features the Citicorp Building in NYC while pretending to be set in CA.

This unique structure is famous for having a fatal engineering flaw that had to be corrected after construction to avoid a strong gust of wind from toppling the structure in the middle of Manhattan. Notice there are no support columns in the corners at the base/foundation so this caused complicated structural requirements further up the structure. Thats why structural engineers get the big bucks.