Maybe they should call deep house trance because these days that is what is actually putting me in a trance-like state. Yotto is the master at producing deep tracks that have a mind-blowing simplicity. When I listen to these massive one note bass drops I have to wonder “How has nobody done this before? Its so simple!”

Yotto’s music taps into something very deep. For me it wipes my brain and allows me to mentally tune out everything. It is my musical meditation.

Yotto’s music is very hard to describe with words. It works over minutes rather than seconds. If popular house music that you hear on the radio or in clubs is like man-made change then Yotto’s music is like geological change. It is slow, deliberate, and powerful. It also can’t be appreciated viewing only a narrow temporal slice. You have to listen to the entire track. Despite this, I will attempt to point out places where I think you can get a feel for Yotto’s sound.

Aviate- 1:35. 4:16.

Crosswalk- 3:50 onward


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