Bigger than Love- Remix and Video

I am a massive fan of Ilan Bluestone’s first vocal track “Bigger than Love”, and I didn’t think a remix could do it justice. Well, David Gravell, proved me wrong. Apparently, Gravell and Bluestone are friends who often share production tips with each other, so they must be on the same wavelength. Usually I’m not a fan of tracks that try to do too much. This is a complicated remix that has a fluctuating personality, but it absolutely works. Let’s go through it.

Staying true to a Bluestone track, Gravell starts us out with a familiar hard bass underlying the vocals. At 0:47 that aggressive base gives way to a playful stretch that has shades of tropical house.

1:30 is where things get interesting. This part reminds me of a helicopter starting up. Gravel starts slow and progressively increases the RPMs until, at 2:20, we have lift off. Put 2:20 on the best speakers you have and make sure to appreciate the light and tropical notes sprinkled throughout. Its a perfect balance between bass and the lighter side of EDM.

Here is the official video. While not what I expected, it is a very well done video and managed to pull at my heartstrings.


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