Maybe they should call deep house trance because these days that is what is actually putting me in a trance-like state. Yotto is the master at producing deep tracks that have a mind-blowing simplicity. When I listen to these massive one note bass drops I have to wonder “How has nobody done this before? Its so simple!”

Yotto’s music taps into something very deep. For me it wipes my brain and allows me to mentally tune out everything. It is my musical meditation.

Yotto’s music is very hard to describe with words. It works over minutes rather than seconds. If popular house music that you hear on the radio or in clubs is like man-made change then Yotto’s music is like geological change. It is slow, deliberate, and powerful. It also can’t be appreciated viewing only a narrow temporal slice. You have to listen to the entire track. Despite this, I will attempt to point out places where I think you can get a feel for Yotto’s sound.

Aviate- 1:35. 4:16.

Crosswalk- 3:50 onward


Bigger than Love- Remix and Video

I am a massive fan of Ilan Bluestone’s first vocal track “Bigger than Love”, and I didn’t think a remix could do it justice. Well, David Gravell, proved me wrong. Apparently, Gravell and Bluestone are friends who often share production tips with each other, so they must be on the same wavelength. Usually I’m not a fan of tracks that try to do too much. This is a complicated remix that has a fluctuating personality, but it absolutely works. Let’s go through it.

Staying true to a Bluestone track, Gravell starts us out with a familiar hard bass underlying the vocals. At 0:47 that aggressive base gives way to a playful stretch that has shades of tropical house.

1:30 is where things get interesting. This part reminds me of a helicopter starting up. Gravel starts slow and progressively increases the RPMs until, at 2:20, we have lift off. Put 2:20 on the best speakers you have and make sure to appreciate the light and tropical notes sprinkled throughout. Its a perfect balance between bass and the lighter side of EDM.

Here is the official video. While not what I expected, it is a very well done video and managed to pull at my heartstrings.

Lulu James

Sticking with the theme of acoustic versions of EDM, here is the live version of “Loving You” by Lane 8 (ft. Lulu James). Honestly, the only thing to discuss here is James’ voice. My goodness. This beautifully stripped down piano version is given form and life by her incredible ability to imbue her voice with meaning and emotion past just the words she is singing. She is a hidden gem, and I hope to hear more from her on Anjunadeep or anywhere, really.

Acoustic II

Hello there. I am back from a long hiatus, but I have plenty of new music to share so lets get to it. I just finished studying for an extremely important and career determining exam, so I thought starting with the refreshing and cathartic sounds of Acoustic II would be appropriate.

So far, the 4 releases that I have heard indicate that A&B has further refined their acoustic translations, and I think their recent vocal work lends itself more naturally to the strings of an orchestra (e.g. We’re All We Need and Blue Sky Action). My parents (jealous) recently saw a show on the Acoustic II Tour, and their already high expectations were exceeded leaving me very excited for the full release on June 3rd.

Let’s get into the tracks. Overall, I think the album has a darker film noir sound than Acoustic I, but I really like it.

As it should, the album opens with “Hello”. I was actually surprised to see this on the album. I’m not creative enough to have envisioned such an appropriate rework, but that is why I am not a musician. I can appreciate this beautiful track though. See 1:34 for that trumpet to get a taste of that noir vibe that runs throughout the album.

“We’re All We Need” is next. I like the chilled out cocktail lounge vibe at the start, but I am also very glad that they left the iconic chorus relatively unchanged. 2:45 is amazing and a true testament to A&B’s skill as musicians. What was an EDM drop has been transformed into uplifting strings. To build tension they shift to darker notes that are finally relieved by a light and playful ukulele (correct me if I am wrong, but it sure sounds like one).

“Blue Sky Action” is easily my favorite of the 4 released tracks so far. Vargas was meant for this.

“Another Chance” is a new OceanLab track, and I love this acoustic version. I wasn’t sold after the very dark and stormy intro, but after the mood lightens up at 1:00 I really enjoy it. While I like the track as a whole, a part of me thinks it could have done without the first minute. Commentor Andy Stephney on YouTube hit the nail on the head when he described the first minute as having some James Bond soundtrack vibes. Great observation, and I agree but am not sure that it fits with the other ~4 minutes.

Overall I am super excited to add this to my collection. Along with Acoustic I, this will make for some great weekend decompression music.