Sonic Cinema

ATTLAS occasionally release mixes that are centered around samples from famous movies. He then masterfully creates a soundtrack that embodies the mood of each sample and weaves together a story from the disparate samples.

One commenter on Soundcloud summed up the effect of these mixes by saying “I can’t do work when I listen to this.” These mixes keep you on the edge of your seat. They make you so curious as to what is happening, what will happen next, and what it all means.

I agree with that Soundcloud commenter. This is NSFW. Listen to this some evening when you have nothing to worry about and nothing to do. Enjoy.

Here is the first of these surreal mixes that ATTLAS produced.

Here is some original work from ATTLAS.


The Machine

When I am in the mood for some grungy electro with some weird and unexpected samples then I check out the mau5trap label. This is a downright dirty track. Get ready to be surprised by its twists, turns, and slightly eerie ending.

Update: I found the full EP on Soundcloud.

My Favorite Deep Track of 2015

This track was just released as a single, but I consider it to be from 2015 as it was first heard on the Anjunadeep compilation at the end of the year. This track is easily my favorite deep production of the year, and it is a worthy successor to my favorite 2014 deep track (perhaps all time favorite), “Only the Winds”.

First, here is a video from Anjunadeep London to get you in that deep state of mind.

2015- Tuesday Maybe

Shortened version for those of you who like deep but want to get to the point more quickly than the extended version does.

2014- Only the Winds


Deep Deluge

Prepare yourself to be flooded with a ton of deep tracks.

First up are a few tracks from Gab Rhome. He is Canadian and judging by the titles, he probably also speaks French. Anyway, these tracks manage to infuse the normally dark genre with some levity.

I prefer this last one as it is a bit darker. I think this would have worked well in the opening credits of “House”

Next up is an EP from Journeyman. I love them both, but if I had to pick I would go with the first (vocal) one.

Next up are some tracks from the Anjunadeep compilation “Explorations 1” which I have not purchased yet, but I need to check out more thoroughly. The first track “Into the Wild” fits the exploratory theme and you do feel like you are about to embark on a journey into uncharted territory. I picture snowy mountains and burbling ice cold streams. Maybe that is because I just saw The Revenant recently.

A.I. and Bigger than Love

I have posted before about these two tracks either in the context of a teaser snippet or a mixed version from a compilation. Well, they have both been officially released in their full glory, so I felt that I needed to share them again. These two tracks are from my favorite EDM act and arguably my second favorite, so these releases get their own post.

First up is A.I. by A&B. Haters gonna hate, but I love this song. For all of you A&B fans out there who pine for the days when A&B made real “trance”, let me tell you something. You wouldn’t have a productive and relevant group to love if it weren’t for A&B’s ability to adapt, evolve, and pick up on what the people want. A&B hasn’t produced trance since Tri-State, so if you came in after that then you can’t complain because you were never a fan of a “trance” group in the first place. This, my friends, is what the people want and it is glorious.

For you drop loving folks check out 2:02. My usual disclaimer applies, and that is that you won’t appreciate the drop without the buildup. My favorite part is actually 3:01 onward. I think this is the melodic soaring sound that many A&B fans want to hear (minus that dirty drop in the middle).

Next up is Ilan Bluestone’s “Bigger than Love”. This debuted in his ABGT150 set, and it felt like it took an eternity to be released. Fear not. It has arrived, and it is magnificent. I won’t lie. I felt like Bluestone tracks were becoming formulaic (e.g. Aurora, Atlantis), but the addition of these stunning vocals and lyrics has catapulted him out of his creative rut. I look forward to hearing more vocal production from him in the future.

Here are two bonus tracks (also newly released) from the label.

Like the prior two tracks, I have posted about this one before. However, it is so superb that it deserves a dedicated post now that it has been been fully released. Grum’s “Under Your Skin” is a progressive slow burn that strikes the perfect balance between hypnotizing the listeners and compelling them to dance.

The Blackwater/Seven EP is also excellent. I have talked about the more popular of the two in previous posts, but here is the less appreciated “Seven”.