Two Anjunabeats favorites have recently branched out and tried to capitalize on the burgeoning pop-EDM scene. One has succeeded with significant radio time and fame while the other has not had such “success”.

The two artists I am talking about are Audien and Arty. Check out my previous post on Arty’s new album. I think he has done a great  job balancing his trance roots while integrating that mass appeal pop sound. Before I launch into this discussion let me give you an example of what each artist produced during their early trance days.

Audien “Hindsight”

Arty “Flashback”

Now lets take a listen to their recent attempts to break into the mainstream.

Arty ft. Angel Taylor in “Up All Night”

Arty ft. Ray Dalton in “Stronger”

Audien ft. Lady Antebellum in “Something Better”

Which do you prefer? For me it is no contest. Arty is the winner hands down, and I think even the “filler” tracks on his recent album are better than Audien’s track. Unfortunately, Audien has had the commercial success because he pandered and found a feature with name recognition in Lady Antebellum. Contrast this with Arty who sought out vocal talent that fit well with what he was trying to achieve musically. Its a shame that Arty’s album won’t get the airtime it deserves while Audien’s average track will achieve notoriety because it invokes the name of a former country star.


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