Mellow Friday Night Vibes

Here is what I am unwinding with this Friday night.

When I first clicked play on this track I settled in for a more deep and ambient experience. I relaxed and put my head on the back of my chair and closed my eyes. I was in for a surprise because this track has an abrupt change of tone, but it wasn’t jarring. It didn’t cause me to sit up. Rather, I opened my eyes and said, “Interesting… lets see where this goes…”, and I closed them again.

These next tracks are definitely best experienced with the eyes closed and mind at ease. Imagine a beach or a Mediterranean town at sunset.

I think you can tell where this night is going. Let’s take things deeper with Yotto.

I love this second Yotto track. We start out with the distant sounds of children playing. This innocence and frivolity gives way to heavy and ponderous elements. Familiar isn’t it?

This dark and downtempo remix of “Sweet Disposition” (one of my favorite songs) is a great track to close out a mellow night.


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