Trance/Dance/Progressive Update



Nikolauss – Uprising

I’m glad to know that people are still out there making classic sounding trance. Keep it up! I live for stretches like 2:34.

Flunk – Six Seven Times (Pablo Artigas Remix)

This song is incredible. If the above track is what trance used to sound like then this track embodies where the genre is heading.

LTN & Vintage & Morelli – Us


Sound Quelle & Max Meyer – Toscana (Aleksey Sladkov Remix)

This one and the next are hard to categorize. They blur the line between trance and progressive, but that is fine by me. Both genres bring something positive to the table.

Massai One – In Your Arms (Original Mix) [MRIZE160]


Thomas Sagstad feat. Wildo “Burned” (Kaskade Remix)

I put this in here so these summer vibes could chase away your winter blues. I really love 1:30 because the drums sounds like something from “Stomp”. The rawness is appealing.

Beat The Sunrise feat. Andrew Watt

Ahh…SNBRN. Let these tropical house vibes wash over you.

Vaja & Specialist Sound – A Part Of Me | OUT NOW

I don’t often post drum and bass, but when I do it is a quality track like this one.


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