Arty’s debut artist album has been out for awhile now, and a post on it is well overdue. Honestly, I love the entire thing from start to finish and would recommend buying it. I think he has masterfully balanced pop and EDM here. Each song has pop sounding vocal buildups, but the drops are undeniably the old-school Arty we know and love from Anjunabeats.

I don’t usually point out only the drops in EDM tracks because there is so much more to appreciate in an EDM track and the context before the drop is also crucial. Im going to break that rule here. This is because the drops in this album happen to coincide with the actual EDM flavored segments of each track. I’ve bolded my personal favorites.

  1. Shadow- 2:05
  2. Glorious- 1:38
  3. Braver Lover- 1:06
  4. Up All Night- 1:24
  5. Stronger- 1:22
  6. Inertia- The entire song
  7. Closer to You- The entire song
  8. Last Kiss- The entire song
  9. Young Again- 1:59
  10. Feel Your Love- 1:16
  11. Pink Roads- 2:36
  12. Waste Your Time- 0:47
  13. Wicked- 0:39
  14. Poison for Lovers- 1:33

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