Two High Quality Tracks from Anjunabeats

Andrew Bayer’s newest track is another stunning addition to his musical portfolio. This high quality track is the powerful yang to the delicate yin of his previous release “Celestial”. This track builds for about two minutes then hits its full-bodied stride from 2:00 until 3:30. If the song had on;y much maintained that theme I would have been happy, but I have good new. That stretch isn’t even close to the main course. 3:45 ushers in a soaring stretch that culminates at 5:00 where¬†Bayer provides definitive proof of his genius. Savor this one.

Another Anjunabeats regular who has a distinctive style and consistently produces high quality tracks is Sunny Lax. A Sunny Lax track was one of the first that I featured on this blog, and I said his work epitomized where my current musical tastes were at that moment. That track can be found here. He still continues to produce tracks that tickle my trance nerve.

Everyone by now knows I love a hint of haunting female vocals, and this track, like most Sunny Lax tracks, deliver in that category. However, my absolute favorite part of this track starts at 2:15. The powerful bass lines are highly accentuated. The punctate nature of the bass creates a distinct separation between each note, and I love that. This track also has a surprisingly fresh and spunky outro. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough.