Celestial- Andrew Bayer

This is in the running for my favorite track of the year. “Celestial” is a track that only Bayer could pull off. It starts off with light and airy piano notes. The reverberations make the track feel distant and like a memory. This effect was especially potent for me because I also associated these piano notes with gently falling snow in the winter.

Again, at 3:05 this track reminds me of winter. It is like Bayer opens a door to a freshly coated and sparkling snowy landscape. The chill hits me, but I don’t mind because I am well insulated under many layers The piano notes come back as I mentally begin to walk through the fresh snow. The flakes fall silently around me and accumulate on my coat as I walk.

I didn’t realize how much I loved winter until I no longer had it. Yes, it is an inconvenient, expensive, and uncomfortable, but we forget the little things that excite us in winter. There is nothing more exciting than seeing an enormous snowstorm heading your way in the weather forecast. Watching the snow begin to fall from a warm house is strangely satisfying, and it is like a surprise party when you wake up to a world remade by the blanketing whiteness of a heavy snow.

Those of you living in cold climates… appreciate your winters. Those of you living in warm climates… don’t rule out a future relocation because of “the weather”. You never know whether there is a winterphile within you just waiting to come out.

While I may have associated Bayer’s track with winter, he clearly feels that it has a celestial vibe. I can definitely see where that is coming from. Fitting in well with that celestial theme is the second new release from Maor Levi called “Neptune”. I previously posted about “Mercury“, which is a great track so make sure to check that out.


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