Why I love Andrew Bayer and thoughts on listening to music

Andrew Bayer elevates the genre and production of quality music above fame and money. This track was debuted during ABGT150 and it is wonderfully unique. Check out what Bayer has to say about the inspiration behind his recent and upcoming releases.

“The Anamnesis Trilogy is all about reviving, reinterpreting and reimagining what I feel are classic – and lost – messages and motifs in trance and progressive. In this EDM-era, big room music has become obsessed with high impact, instant gratification and, to be honest, absolutely uninspiring and boring arrangements. I was listening back over my favourite trance and progressive records, and remembering when dance music was about a sense of journey and progression. Records where there was more than just a breakdown and Bro-DM drops… records where you sometimes moved across what felt like three different – and equally mind-expanding – records just to get the REAL moment in the track. The three records in the Anamnesis Trilogy are all inspired by this sensibility and era, but 2015 Bayer style.”

Judging by this new track he has achieved his goal. I also think that his previous tracks last year from “Do Androids Dream” succeed at telling a great musical story. I would tell you to listen specifically to 4:31, but that would undermine what Bayer is trying to achieve. Music is meant to be experienced as a whole and to appreciate the progression of the song, and you definitely can’t appreciate 4:31 onward when heard in a vacuum. Although I give you tips on where to focus in a song, I always recommend giving any track a complete listen.


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