Lets catch up…

Its been over two weeks since I last posted, and I have accumulated quite the backlog of tracks to share with you. These track will be a great sampling from all over the EDM spectrum. Lets get to it!

First up is a great track from Dubai based Zack Shaar. Like the city this producer works from, this track embodies the future. Such a great forward thinking tune. I’ve followed this track with two others that I think have similar musical DNA.

Fatum is really great at producing these aggressive and mechanical sounding tracks.

This next track is really fun and super high energy.

Next is a classic trance track. Above & Beyond recently played this on their pre-ABGT150 (aka ABGT 149) podcast that was entirely composed of classic fan favorites from the past years. This track is so crisp. It doesn’t have busy synths, and it keeps it simple with a strong bass line punctuating the airy vocals of Leah.

Here are two solid progressive tunes. These are the types of tracks that would fill the gaps between high points on an album without a significant drop off.

Here is a dancy house tune from the Oxygen label. 0:59 is great. This song is a crowd pleaser and still manages to be pretty unique.


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