Eclectic Mix

It has been too long since my last post, but it is too easy for studying to get in the way. Let me take you through a few of the tracks that I have been listening to while studying the various and horrifying types of diarrhea that bacteria can cause. As usual, EDM has been a bright spot in an otherwise shitty past few weeks. My brain is still a little low on energy after my exam, so I’ll build a short playlist here rather than writing about each track in detail. This is going to be eclectic playlist ranging from my usual progressive/house/trance selections all the way to Melbourne Bounce.

Just in time for Electric Zoo in NYC, Jason Ross remixed Above & Beyond’s “Fly to New York”. Love it!

This track has been in and out of Group Therapy lately, and I always forget to write down its name. I finally tracked it down, so I hope you enjoy it. 0:45 is where things get interesting.

Apparently Boom Jinx is releasing his first artist album. He’s been around for awhile, so I was really surprised to discover he hasn’t had a full fledged debut album yet. The following track will be on the album and it is pretty solid. He enlists the help of vocalist Meredith Call. His previous track with her is perhaps one of my favorite Anjunabeats tracks, so this one pales in comparison. It is a shadow of “The Dark”, but those are some big shoes to fill.

You may recognize this beautiful number from the Spinnin’ Deep summer compilation. I thought the standalone track deserved a dedicated share.

What is Melbourne Bounce? I don’t know, but I love it.


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