Why I love Andrew Bayer and thoughts on listening to music

Andrew Bayer elevates the genre and production of quality music above fame and money. This track was debuted during ABGT150 and it is wonderfully unique. Check out what Bayer has to say about the inspiration behind his recent and upcoming releases.

“The Anamnesis Trilogy is all about reviving, reinterpreting and reimagining what I feel are classic – and lost – messages and motifs in trance and progressive. In this EDM-era, big room music has become obsessed with high impact, instant gratification and, to be honest, absolutely uninspiring and boring arrangements. I was listening back over my favourite trance and progressive records, and remembering when dance music was about a sense of journey and progression. Records where there was more than just a breakdown and Bro-DM drops… records where you sometimes moved across what felt like three different – and equally mind-expanding – records just to get the REAL moment in the track. The three records in the Anamnesis Trilogy are all inspired by this sensibility and era, but 2015 Bayer style.”

Judging by this new track he has achieved his goal. I also think that his previous tracks last year from “Do Androids Dream” succeed at telling a great musical story. I would tell you to listen specifically to 4:31, but that would undermine what Bayer is trying to achieve. Music is meant to be experienced as a whole and to appreciate the progression of the song, and you definitely can’t appreciate 4:31 onward when heard in a vacuum. Although I give you tips on where to focus in a song, I always recommend giving any track a complete listen.


ABGT150 and the return of OceanLab

This was an incredible set with some excellent new music on display. Definitely watch the entire thing if you have time, but I want to draw your attention to a very important stretch within the set.

16:25. Jono makes a huge announcement. OceanLab is returning! Many fans have been desperate for Above & Beyond to bring back their dreamy trance incarnation. In the past they had said that the project was dead, but fans kept hope alive. This may be premature, but I think the new track, “Another Chance”, will rank up there with “We Are All We Need” as one of my favorite Above and Beyond tunes. 18:20 is magical. Just read those comments in the lower lefthand corner of the screen! There is such an outpouring of excitement and relief from the fanbase for the return of OceanLab. Following this track is a great Sunny Lax track (25:20) and new Andrew Bayer (31:10). I think its the strongest part of the set.

Below is a tracklist courtesy of the collective knowledge of the internet.

01. (0:40) Above & Beyond – Hello (Album Mix Intro Edit)

02. (4:05) Oliver Smith – Mirage

03. (7:54) Faithless vs. Above & Beyond ft. Alex Vargas – Sticky Mea (Above & Beyond Mashup)

04. (13:30) Arty – Kate (2015 Rework)

05. (16:21) Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab – Another Chance (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

06. (22:10) Sunny Lax – Enceladus

07. (26:35) Andrew Bayer – Nobody Told Me (Anamnesis pt.1)

08. (30:10) Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream – Zero Gravity (Above & Beyond Remix)

09. (37:39) Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – Peace of Mind (Extended Mix)

10. (42:38) Nick Sember – Mezzo Forte

11. (46:27) Ilan Bluestone vs. Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford – Sun & Lighthouse (Above & Beyond Mashup)

12. (50:22) Above & Beyond ft. Gemma Hayes – Counting Down The Days (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

13. (56:27) Above & Beyond – ID

14. (1:00:25) Genix & Sunny Lax – Black Water

15. (1:05:05) Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – Fly To New York (Above & Beyond vs. Jason Ross Club Mix)

16. (1:08:40) Jason Ross – Fuse

17. (1:13:30) Kyau & Albert – About the Sun

18. (1:18:17) Ilan Bluestone vs. OceanLab – 43 Sky Falls Down (ilan Bluestone Bootleg)

19. (1:22:05) Andrew Bayer – ID (Anamnesis pt.2)

20. (1:26:45) Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – Treasure (Kyau & Albert Remix)

21. (1:31:42) Above & Beyond ft. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

22. (1:37:34) Maor Levi vs. Above & Beyond – Mercury Can’t Sleep (ID Mashup)

23. (1:42:20) Wrechiski & Jason Ross – Frontier

24. (1:47:15) Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford – Alone Tonight (Jason Ross Remix)

25. (1:51:00) Tom Staar vs. Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan – Rocket Silence (Above & Beyond’s It’s Not Rocket Silence Mashup)

26. (1:54:36) Mat Zo – Synapse Dynamics (Arty Remix)

27. (1:56:41) Above & Beyond ft. Zoë Johnston – We Are All We Need (Outro Mix)

Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep Update


Grum is really growing on me. He recently opened for ABGT150, and while I was watching the live stream I noticed a comment that I agreed with. It said, “Grum is the son of Eric Prydz.” I’d say that is accurate as Grum is rapidly becoming one of the best producers of progressive out there. Enjoy these two tracks.

This Nick Sember remix of Ilan Bluestone and BT’s “All These Wounds” gives the original track that extra bit of energy it needed for me to enjoy it.


This one is a slow burn. Skip forward to 2:01 if you are feeling impatient.

This dreamy track from 16 Bit Lolitas was one of my favorites from Anjunadeep 07. I love the vocals at 3:30.

Kaskade- Automatic

This almost seems to good to be true. Kaskade put his entire new album on Soundcloud. I have been posting bits and pieces of this album as the singles have been released. If you liked those tracks then you will really enjoy the album in its entirety.

My personal high points:

The singles were great, but since I have discussed them in previous posts I’ll just list the deeper cuts.

Phoenix- 0:49

Where Are You Now- 1:35

A Little More- All of it! I think this was a single, but I didn’t post about it.

Lets catch up…

Its been over two weeks since I last posted, and I have accumulated quite the backlog of tracks to share with you. These track will be a great sampling from all over the EDM spectrum. Lets get to it!

First up is a great track from Dubai based Zack Shaar. Like the city this producer works from, this track embodies the future. Such a great forward thinking tune. I’ve followed this track with two others that I think have similar musical DNA.

Fatum is really great at producing these aggressive and mechanical sounding tracks.

This next track is really fun and super high energy.

Next is a classic trance track. Above & Beyond recently played this on their pre-ABGT150 (aka ABGT 149) podcast that was entirely composed of classic fan favorites from the past years. This track is so crisp. It doesn’t have busy synths, and it keeps it simple with a strong bass line punctuating the airy vocals of Leah.

Here are two solid progressive tunes. These are the types of tracks that would fill the gaps between high points on an album without a significant drop off.

Here is a dancy house tune from the Oxygen label. 0:59 is great. This song is a crowd pleaser and still manages to be pretty unique.

Eclectic Mix

It has been too long since my last post, but it is too easy for studying to get in the way. Let me take you through a few of the tracks that I have been listening to while studying the various and horrifying types of diarrhea that bacteria can cause. As usual, EDM has been a bright spot in an otherwise shitty past few weeks. My brain is still a little low on energy after my exam, so I’ll build a short playlist here rather than writing about each track in detail. This is going to be eclectic playlist ranging from my usual progressive/house/trance selections all the way to Melbourne Bounce.

Just in time for Electric Zoo in NYC, Jason Ross remixed Above & Beyond’s “Fly to New York”. Love it!

This track has been in and out of Group Therapy lately, and I always forget to write down its name. I finally tracked it down, so I hope you enjoy it. 0:45 is where things get interesting.

Apparently Boom Jinx is releasing his first artist album. He’s been around for awhile, so I was really surprised to discover he hasn’t had a full fledged debut album yet. The following track will be on the album and it is pretty solid. He enlists the help of vocalist Meredith Call. His previous track with her is perhaps one of my favorite Anjunabeats tracks, so this one pales in comparison. It is a shadow of “The Dark”, but those are some big shoes to fill.

You may recognize this beautiful number from the Spinnin’ Deep summer compilation. I thought the standalone track deserved a dedicated share.

What is Melbourne Bounce? I don’t know, but I love it.

Alpha and Omega

I knew Anjunadeep 07 would be good, but I was not fully prepared. The first time that I listened to the album, I jumped into my car ready to hit the traffic of the 405 on my morning commute. I pressed play on the album, and I was instantly transfixed. The opening track, “Passage” takes you by the hand and leads you through a lush dreamland. I’m not sure it is safe for me to drive and deep.

The closing track is even better. After the moving experience of listening to the entire album, this song made me feel transcendent like I was ascending to some type of musical heaven to meet the God of Deep.

I can’t share the full tracks, but you should definitely buy them.