Anjunadeep vs Spinnin’ Deep

I post a lot from Anjunadeep, and I realize that vibe isn’t for everyone. Anjunadeep sounds like an underground London club at 3am on a misty November night while Spinnin’ Deep sounds like a rooftop or beach party in Miami set to the warm glow of the setting sun. Below I will guide you through some of the highlights of Anjunadeep’s recent releases and provide you with an excellent mix from Spinnin’ Deep. It is my hope that you find your deep niche within one of these great record labels.

Here is the aptly named “After Summer Mix 2015” from Spinnin’ Deep. I am not a fan of much that comes from the parent label, but I think the deep branch of the label is excellent. If you like a more vocal flavor to your deep then check it out. Overall I’d say Spinnin’ Deep emphasizes the house in deep house while Anjunadeep puts the emphasis on the deep.

Here are 3 new Anjunadeep releases from one of their most exciting new artists, Yotto. 1:04 of the first track is where to focus your attention here. 1:35 of “Slowly” is also great and leads into a rich and textured segment at 2:11.

Next up is a representative sampling from Clarian. I love the first track at about 1:52.

Cubicolor is always a great choice when you are looking for deep tracks that work as chill background music while you are cooking, studying, or unwinding after a long day.

And finally, here is another plug for Anjunadeep 07. It is going to be amazing.


“The Hills” (Bruce Gibson Remix)- The Weeknd

I am a big fan of The Weeknd. I really loved the dark and depraved vibes of his older albums, so I have been a bit disappointed by the relative lightness and radio friendly sounds of “Wanderlust” and “Beauty Behind the Madness”. Fortunately, his most recent album has at least one song that gives me exactly the old school Weeknd sounds that I love, and there is a beautifully dark video accompanying the track. Check out “The Hills” below and then listen to the very summery EDM remix by Bruce Gibson. The remix is a free download too, so make sure add that track to your collection.

It looks like Soundcloud has removed the remix I meant to share with you. Hopefully you can still find it elsewhere.

Trending Deeper

My EDM interests have been skewing deep for a long time now, and I am glad it is catching on with a broader audience. There has been an explosion of quality deep material and it allows me to fill much more of my day surrounded by the ambient mood-setting vibes of deep house.

Interspersed with quotes from famous movies, this mix by ATTLAS simultaneously serves as soundtrack and story all in one. Each segment blew my mind, but 27:10 was on another level. I absolutely love breaks in the sound and this stretch utilizes that heavily. Silence and absence again prove to be as powerful as sound.

10:28 marks the start of another incredible stretch. Proceeded by “Life goes on… it always does…”, 10:28 opens up a beautifully indifferent stretch of cold electronica.

Next is the mini-mix of the forthcoming Anjunadeep compilation. As usual, I love every track on here and have already pre-ordered the album.

Highlights: 1:20. 2:35. 4:15. 4:45. 9:20.

If you like the sound of that then make sure to check out the weekly hour long podcast produced by Anjunadeep. This is the ultimate study music.

More on the progressive side of things (a step up from deep) we have this wonderful mix from Silk Music. I love the first rack.

Back to School

Check out this 35 minute mix from 3LAU. The mash-up master is at it again, so let these catchy high-energy tunes fuel your studies. Its been working for me.

6:27 is incredible. In addition to EDM I am a big fan of 60s music, so this mash-up of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love” is my new favorite thing.