The many faces of EDM

I wanted to write this post to show you how varied the EDM spectrum can be. Also, if you aren’t following me on Soundcloud yet make sure to do so. I only write about a fraction of what I repost on my Soundcloud and the music I repost there is much more varied. If you are new to EDM or looking to gain exposure to more genres or artists I think its a great place to start.

This first track from Paul van Dyk is a breath of fresh air. It has that classic trance sound, and manages to surround you and be richly textured without being busy or complicated.

This next track takes current fads in EDM to an extreme. Whats with the punk rock sound “Hell yeah”? 1:43 is just awful. It sounds like some apocalyptic warning alarm.

Next we have an electro epic from ATTLAS. This feels like the soundtrack to a science fiction movie. Let your imagine run wild while listening to this.

Now let us explore the often neglected sub-genre of Drum & Bass with Netsky.

What is you favorite?


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