Is there really any point in making plans?

Alex Vargas is the talented vocalist featured on Above & Beyond’s recent album. He is featured on “Blue Sky Action”, “All Over the World”, “Sink the Lighthouse”, “Sticky Fingers”, and “Making Plans”. I don’t know why it has taken me this long, but I finally listened to some of his original work. It is incredible. Released from the constraints of EDM, he unleashes a forceful soulful tone. It reminds me a bit of Sam Smith.

My favorite Above & Beyond track that Alex Vargas is featured on is “Making Plans”. This isn’t trance. This isn’t dance. It isn’t even EDM, but I respect the hell out of Above & Beyond for taking the risk on this track. Originally conceived for their acoustic show, “Making Plans” is infused with a little more energy on the new album. This song will rip your heart out. I don’t often listen to lyrics, but this one merits your attention.

What could be more moving than that track? Well, the original. Tony sang the original during their acoustic performance, and while he may not be the best vocalist, you get the feeling that this song has a special meaning to him.

Ask yourself, is there really any point in making plans?


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