Dusk Chill

I just posted a sampler for your July weekends, but I think the yin to that playlist’s yang deserves to be posted. Here are some deep and progressive tracks for unwinding after a long July day. Turn these on and savor a warm sunset.

Again, if you haven’t heard of XYLO then you need to check out this brother-sister duo ASAP.

Here is another amazing track from ATTLAS. This producer came out of nowhere and appeared on mau5trap. The speed of his rise coupled with his masterful production and uncanny similarities to deadmu5’s style led some to believe ATTLAS was actually a deadmau5 alias. That was proven to be incorrect, and I am glad because now we have two electro geniuse gracing the scene.

Here are two progressive tracks from the Macarize label. Like all progressive, it calms me. The music gives a sense of gentle yet inexorable forward motion. It reminds me of the progress through time, and reminds me to enjoy moments as they come.

Reserve these tracks for dusk and after the sun has set. These have a distinctly dark tone which I love, but they are slightly unnerving. They all make me feel as if I’m being led down a path that I can’t turn back from, and I don’t know what lies at the end. Perhaps this is the unique way in which deep builds tension.


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