The many faces of EDM

I wanted to write this post to show you how varied the EDM spectrum can be. Also, if you aren’t following me on Soundcloud yet make sure to do so. I only write about a fraction of what I repost on my Soundcloud and the music I repost there is much more varied. If you are new to EDM or looking to gain exposure to more genres or artists I think its a great place to start.

This first track from Paul van Dyk is a breath of fresh air. It has that classic trance sound, and manages to surround you and be richly textured without being busy or complicated.

This next track takes current fads in EDM to an extreme. Whats with the punk rock sound “Hell yeah”? 1:43 is just awful. It sounds like some apocalyptic warning alarm.

Next we have an electro epic from ATTLAS. This feels like the soundtrack to a science fiction movie. Let your imagine run wild while listening to this.

Now let us explore the often neglected sub-genre of Drum & Bass with Netsky.

What is you favorite?


Disarmed Cannibal (Kesha vs. Kaskade)

A few days back I was listening to Kaskade’s new track on Soundcloud. I noticed a comment suggesting that the song would mesh well with Kesha’s “Cannibal”. The poster, Notochord, has a great ear for potential mash-ups, and I agreed with him and asked if he could do the world a favor by bringing that mash-up to life. He did!

Kesha, Kaskade, and mash-ups are three of my favorite things, and all three were on heavy rotation during my college years. I especially loved 3LAU’s mash-ups so you can imagine how delighted this track makes me. You’ll find it below followed by the two original tracks. You will immediately notice how musically similar the originals are. Check out 2:52 in “Disarm You” and 0:35 in “Cannibal” to hear their compatibility. Notochord takes this preexisting compatibility and masterfully integrates them for a synergistic effect. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts in “Disarmed Cannibal”. I really love 3:18 onward.

If you like this make sure to give its creator, Notochord, a follow on YouTube and Soundcloud. Bonus points to anyone who can name the structure that is the remnant of the notochord in the adult human. I am both an EDM and med student after all.

New from Kaskade and Ilan Bluestone

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Kaskade is a dish best served with a side of female vocals.

I couldn’t help but notice a comment from a poster named “notochord” that suggested mashing this up with “Cannibal”. I assume he means this track by Ke$ha. Im a big fan of Ke$ha and that idea, so you should let him know if you want to hear it too. I think he’d work in the areas after 1:35.

I love everything about this song. The buildup is spectacular and makes for an even sweeter drop at 1:14. Again, you just get swept up in the strong current of Bluestone tracks. It is like a ride that you don’t ever want to end and couldn’t get off of even if you wanted.

Flavors of Funk and Hints of Hip-Hop

All three of these house tracks have a distinctly underground feel. The first really embraces funk (0:50), and I love that full thrumming bass synth in the background around 1:40.

This second is more electro than it is house, but it is still wonderful. It is a glitchy sounding masterpiece evoking images of pixelated Atari games.

Finally, a remix with lots of hip-hop influence.


Never has there been a more beautiful and fitting remix than Andrew Bayer’s rework of OceanLab’s “Secret”. It seems that Andrew Bayer has some experience with the topic of secrets. The track below combines Bayer’s musical genius with the wonderful Evanescence-like vocals of Molly Bancroft.

“Please keep your secrets to yourself…”

Anyway, listen to this work of art. “Secret” is a moving track about how awful it is to carry the burden of a secret when you have nobody to confide in. At 4:30, Bayer beautifully reworks the original to highlight the vocals and play up the desperate plea for relief.

As a bonus here is an old and a new Bayer track that I haven’t posted before.


I want to live in a dreamscape world generated from the ethereal music of M83. That ideal world got a bit more interesting after their collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre remixed by Steve Angello. That is quite a list of heavy hitters, so you’d expect this track to be impressive. Don’t worry because it more than delivers. Jean-Michel Jarre has been putting out some great electronic tracks lately. Check out my previous post on Above & Beyond’s remix of “Zero Gravity.”