Summer Night Sounds

I’m spending the summer on the East Coast, and I am really enjoying it so far. I am sitting here with my window open listening to the night sounds of the city and feeling the pleasantly humid and warm air. Below are a few tracks that I’ve been listening to tonight or have listened to on similar summer nights in the past. I won’t break down these songs too much. I just want to give you a nice soundtrack for a summer evening.

Im a huge fan of Florence + The Machine. In celebration of her new album I thought I’d post this tactfully dubby remix of “Cosmic Love“. If you haven’t heard the original then follow the link. I think it is hands down her best song. 3:00 is incredible. This was already an emphatic build up in the original, but 7 Lions imbues it with exponentially more energy.

This slightly funky tune is great for preparing for a night out. The snaps and guitar add a sense of frivolity and fun to this track.

Kaskade’s new track has been remixed, and it takes on a more summery personality.

This track was completely overplayed, but the Judah remix is worth it. Give it a fresh listen.

Ahh… now let Vitodito give us a bit of an Ibiza summer vibe.

How about some Kyau & Albert. This German duo knows how to produce a track that works well with a nighttime drive. I love these vocals.


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