Pierce Fulton Introduction

I’ve had a bit of a stressful week, and there is nothing better than a few Pierce Fulton tracks to wash away the stress. This post is a must read for those of you who like a more tropical and house flavor in your EDM. His style is fresh and vibrant, and quite different than the melancholic, darker, trance vibes of many of the artists that I write about. I think Pierce has assimilated the positive developments from the “popification” of EDM while wisely rejecting the negatives. There are some free downloads in here, so keep an eye out for that.

“In Reality” is his most recent rack and probably my third favorite after “Kuaga” and “Runway”. Lets move to 1:00. I love the vocalists that he chooses, and it leads into the drop at 1:15 perfectly. To call this a drop would be too broad of a characterization. This isn’t just where the bass is introduced, it is the introduction of a delightful and masterfully crafted arrangement. Pierce’s music is usually light and playful, and I think this stretch epitomizes that sound.

“Runaway” is a close second to “Kuaga”. I’ve said a million time that I love female vocals, but I also love sorrow tinged male vocals as well. This track is an excellent example of that. 1:30 is pure bliss. It has taken me far too long to write the past few sentences because I keep restarting the track from 1:30 and letting it wash over me while chair dancing. Chair dancing just isn’t compatible with typing or thinking, really.

Now for the main attraction! “Kuaga” is my all time favorite Fulton track. I guarantee you that 1:30 will impress you. It is beautifully intricate and complex. Enjoy.

I know many people love Cash Cash, so here is a great remix that Pierce Fulton did for them.

“Noon Gun” is a little something for those of you that like your EDM less mainstream. 1:48 is amazing, but just hang in there because 3:00 is even more satisfying. Pierce is a master at producing intricate tracks that any other producer would botch and make irritatingly busy. 4:00 brings it all together.

“As You Were” is rich, full-bodied, and drenched in the warm glow of the evening sun. If the previous songs were midday pool parties, this is wine on a beachside patio.

You know I love me some A&B, so check out this fantastic remix that Pierce did for them. I love how he brings the vocals to the foreground at 1:00 and adds in some strong piano chords. The tension is palpable at 1:50. “Sticky Fingers” has always been great at developing tension, but Pierce augments that. So much so that I knocked my headphones off my head by jamming to the drop at 2:00.

Finally, if you like what you hear and you want to sink your teeth into some more Pierce Fulton music then listen to this. This is his full set from the Anjunabeats Pool Party during Miami Music Week. The funk is strong with that opening track. I love it.

While I am in a house mood, here is a track that I thought I’d hate but ended up loving. Does it pander to current trends? You bet. However, I can’t deny that 0:28 makes me lose my mind. This sound is onto something. It taps into something deep.


Teardrop: The “House” Opening Credits Song

This is on of my favorite remixes of an electro classic. “Teardrop” by Massive Attack is one of those songs that transcends genres and time. Listen to this beautifully remixed and extended version. Definitely make sure to make it to 4:08.


Opening credits

Throwback Thursday

I dug deep into my music library and pulled out a few gems from the 00s. Do some of these song sound a little, maybe a lot, dated? Absolutely, but I have thrown in some modern remixes that are sure to please you if you aren’t feeling particularly nostalgic.

Better Off Alone- Alice DeeJay

Check out some modern remixes of this track.

Ecstacy- ATB

The following is a bootleg remix, so it may be taken down eventually. I hope not because it is exceptional.

Take Me Away- 4 Strings

Something- Lasgo

This piece of magic doesn’t need a remix.

Concrete Jungle

This is a bit out of the ordinary, but I really love this track. This track is the epitome of the popular trends in dance music right now. It includes plenty of hard drops, dark tones, and predictability. I’m easily won over by any theme or reference to cities or city life, so naturally, “Concrete Jungle” plants the seeds for my favorite mental imagery to sprout while I listen to this track.

Bonus points for anyone who can name the skyline in the featured image! I’ll give you a hint. This is the opposite perspective from which the skyline is usually photographed.

Game of Thrones

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you like trance? Do you like Armin van Buuren? If you answered yes to 2/3 of those questions then I suggest listening to this.

It seems that Armin is a fan of the show. It reminds me of when Above & Beyond paid tribute to Walter White and Breaking Bad with this amazing track. It isn’t a remix of the Breaking Bad theme. Rather, it is an original piece celebrating the end of the show and the character. 2:33 onward is great.

Summer Night Sounds

I’m spending the summer on the East Coast, and I am really enjoying it so far. I am sitting here with my window open listening to the night sounds of the city and feeling the pleasantly humid and warm air. Below are a few tracks that I’ve been listening to tonight or have listened to on similar summer nights in the past. I won’t break down these songs too much. I just want to give you a nice soundtrack for a summer evening.

Im a huge fan of Florence + The Machine. In celebration of her new album I thought I’d post this tactfully dubby remix of “Cosmic Love“. If you haven’t heard the original then follow the link. I think it is hands down her best song. 3:00 is incredible. This was already an emphatic build up in the original, but 7 Lions imbues it with exponentially more energy.

This slightly funky tune is great for preparing for a night out. The snaps and guitar add a sense of frivolity and fun to this track.

Kaskade’s new track has been remixed, and it takes on a more summery personality.

This track was completely overplayed, but the Judah remix is worth it. Give it a fresh listen.

Ahh… now let Vitodito give us a bit of an Ibiza summer vibe.

How about some Kyau & Albert. This German duo knows how to produce a track that works well with a nighttime drive. I love these vocals.

Massive Anjunabeats Update

Ajunabeats has been busy signing new talent lately. That talent has certaintly delivered. On the heels of massive releases such as “Elements“, “Atlas“, and “Cairo”, Jason Ross vs. Jenaux gives us “Solaris”. Honestly, this track doesn’t catch my attention right away, but I become extremely interested around 2:00. This is a beautiful and atmospheric stretch filled with primal vocals. From this point on the track really matures and becomes quite rich and full. 2:59 is the drop, and it is worth the wait. I don’t think that this track is on the same level as his previous releases, but it is still very enjoyable and worth adding to your collection.

Lets follow that fresh Anjunabeats talent with something new from the old guard. Ilan Bluestone released a few new tracks of his own on the Anjunabeats Worldwide compilation that he mixed. I particularly liked “Cloudchaser”. 2:29 is the first drop in this rather lengthy track.

As a bonus, here is a track that Maor Levi and Ilan Bluestone remixed together. I have often referenced what I simply call that “Bluestone bassline”, and I wanted to give you a good example of what that sounds like. Listen to 1:00 for Bluestone and then 3:13 for Maor Levi’s flavor.

The newest member of Anjunabeats skews very progressive. I discussed my thoughts on the subgenre in a previous post, so read up to fully appreciate how well Grum produces the style.