Terrible Track: Waiting For Love- Avicii

There have been many ignominious entries into my blog’s “Terrible Tracks” category, and this new track from Avicii hangs with the worst of them.  Honestly, its hard to criticize a music video about the love between a soldier and his loyal dog, and maybe that is why Avicii used that relationship as the focus of the song. Perhaps wrapping this nonsense in those sentiments will deflect criticism and fool casual EDM fans into thinking that the music is good.

1:31 is warbly, video game sounding poison for your ears.

3:20 will puncture your eardrums. Such awful shrillness.

Watch this and recall the days when Avicii made real music.

May I suggest these feel-good tracks instead? This is my brand of feel-good music. They are realistic, sober, and honest songs about love and friendship. The first one really starts at between 2:50 and 3:15.


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