XYLØ: Up-and-coming alternative duo remixed by ATTLAS

XYLØ. Remember this name and perhaps learn the keyboard shortcut for “Ø” like I just did. Anyway, this brother and sister duo from the LA area has really burst onto the scene with their track “America”. They describe themselves as “dark pop”. I have never heard that term used for this sound, but I think it is really accurate. If you like this, another alternative group with a similar sound is MS MR (check them out on Spotify).

Here is the track. You can get it as a free download simply by following them on Soundcloud or Facebook. In my opinion, that is worth it because you will want to be apprised of future productions from this duo.

Now for the EDM part of this discussion. ATTLAS, who I have been posting about a lot recently, remixed this track beautifully. The characteristic echoing, sparse, and dark electronic tones of ATTLAS mesh well with “America”.

While you are at it, listen to this dreamy and summery deep track from Jody Wisternoff. This reminds of unwinding at dusk or twilight of a long summer day.


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