My trip to Andrew Bayer’s “Do Androids Dream” tour

Andrew Bayer was in town last night for his “Do Androids Dream” tour, and he played at The Observatory in Santa Ana. First of all, if you live in Orange County, I would highly recommend The Observatory as a venue. It is the perfect size for an EDM show and drinks/tickets are reasonable.

I really enjoyed the performance, and Bayer seems to really enjoy performing as well. He is a pretty reserved and introverted guy, so it was interesting to see him smiling and getting caught up in his own music and the crowd. Below are some videos that I took from the show.

Here is a video of Bayer dropping Fatum’s “Mandala”. Above & Beyond also played this when I recently went to their show.

Here are two random clips from close up.

I took this clip while he played one of this new tracks, “Do Androids Dream Pt. 2”. It gets blurry at the end because I think the autofocus got confused when I switched to the crowd then back to Bayer.

I also wanted to throw in the continuous mix of “Do Androids Dream”. I really believe this album was intended to be enjoyed as a unit.


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